10 Best Soundproof Room Dividers (Complete Review)

One of the most important things in our home is to have a quiet and cozy atmosphere. With all of the chaos around us, it becomes difficult to concentrate, so people have started looking for ways to reduce the noise. For that, they usually buy soundproof room dividers, and divider curtains can be extremely effective at reducing noise.

Soundproof Room Dividers Buying Guide

Before buying a soundproof room divider, we must know what we seek. The models worth investing in need to help us with the noise problems and ensure that you can easily relax in your home. You also need to consider some things before deciding to buy them. Here are the things to look for when buying room dividers:

  • Weight: When looking for room dividers that have soundproofing abilities, weight is an important parameter that you need to consider. Havier models effectively reduce noise. That’s because they are good at absorbing sound and do not allow it to be reflected.
  • Velvet: There are also velvet-made curtains made entirely of thick polyester with a velvety touch and feel, but they are marked as velvet to fool people. It is a cloth made with a machine with density, thickness, and softness added to it, and a luxurious appearance.
  • Material type: Best performing are the ones that have a lot of fibers. Suede/velvet curtains are excellent at absorbing noise. Most crucially, divider liners add an additional layer through which the sound must pass. Darker and heavier room separators that are more extensively insulated are usually better at soundproofing and controlling noise levels.
  • Curtain Rods: Make sure that your rods can support the curtain’s weight. This means that they must be durable. Wrap-around rods give an advantage in noise cancellation.
  • Blackout: A lot of soundproof room dividers in their nature are blackout, which means they exclude sunlight and decrease noise. They can filter more than 90% of sunlight, and they say that some even block 100% of sunlight and UV rays. Above the basic cloth, most of them have a foam coating. This creates a thick, dense curtain that fully darkens the room while suppressing background noise.

Another option that you can also try is Soundproof Curtains. Here you can read more about them and how they work.

10 Best Soundproof Room Dividers

Best models on the market

Now that we have explained in the introduction what to pay attention to when buying soundproof dividers, we will now go through the ten best models on the market in more detail and analyze them. I hope you find the one that suits you best.

1. VERSAILTEX Blackout Window Curtain Panel

These thermally insulated microfiber curtains with an 84-inch drop are sold in pairs and have a thick frame that dampens sound and totally darkens the area. They are ideal for blocking out sunlight, preventing heat/chill from entering the room, and maintaining a comfortable resting environment.

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They are also eco-friendly because the interlaced faux silk satin on the inside provides enhanced insulation, saving you money on your electric bill. The backside of these attractive curtains is lined with thermal fabric to make your home look better. It is also simple to keep clean because you can wash it in the washing machine.

2. Total Shade Patio Door

The patio door model is made of polyester and ready-made. Most door divider curtains measure 100 inches wide by 95 inches long. The gleaming silver fasteners will give your home a great look. They can slide and be installed in just 30 minutes. Currently, they are considered as most popular curtains for blocking UV rays.

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Some of the most significant advantages of these curtains are that they allow you to sleep soundly and peacefully by producing the darkest environment imaginable. The patio door is much higher compared to normal curtains, and it also reduces noise.

They are ideal for covering large windows and provide you with privacy in your home. These curtains are also inexpensive and simple to maintain.

3.  Moondream Sound Insulation Curtain

When you buy this room divider, the sound energy will be decreased, while the noise levels will be reduced by up to 6-8 decibels. It has a simple, elegant look and can fit in any room or home.

Proofs of the quality can only be a bonus, and they increase the chances of people loving and buying it. However, the only disadvantage is the price. It costs $129, but because of the quantity during testing and excellent feedback, it appears to be a safe bet and can be worth spending the money on.

4. bluCOASTLINE Room Divider Curtain

These curtains are made of imported 100% polyester and are selling fast because they provide the most private space that is possible. If you share your space with a roommate or any other person, these curtains are ideal for you. People who own them say how they helped them and improved their quality of life.

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If you share a room, these curtains can divide it, making one half of the room dark while the other is completely light. They also muffle the sound, which helps with sleeping or doing work/assignments. They are not the best for soundproofing, but they are affordable and can improve your quality of life.

5. NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain

A NICETOWN room divider is great looking and provides quality soundproofing abilities, and it will help you eliminate any background noise from your room. The great thing is its affordable price.

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Because of its sturdy, substantial, and clever solution, that can keep you from having to build an additional wall in your home. If you are searching for a soundproofing solution that does not cost too much, you should consider this room divider for your home.

6.  RHF Room Divider Curtain

This divider is on the list because it has high-quality and useful features. Another great thing is also its price, it costs roughly $45. Provides good quality but is also low-maintenance because its machine is washable and can be dried.

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It is a good option for people that do not like to spend a lot but want quality products. This product is dependable, long-lasting, and luxuriously designed.

7. Sorbus Room Divider Privacy Screen

We talked a lot about interior dividers, but this divider also works well outside. This may be a good solution if you get along with people who live around your home but are not particularly close. This elegantly woven divider with eight panels is ideal for an outdoor porch. It provides excellent sun protection, and you do not need to build an awning.

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This divider goes with almost any decor and requires no assembly. You simply need to set it up anyplace and have a separator. It reduces the amount of noise you hear when you are outside, resulting in a more tranquil and pleasant atmosphere.

8. Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain

This divider has a unique finish thanks to the material that has 100% polyester, so it can divide the entire room while also reducing noise attractively. You will appreciate the light reduction and air insulation in the room. Because of that, it is an excellent choice for hotels, dorms, cafes, offices, and children’s bedrooms.

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This divider model is sturdy but soft and has a lot of available colors. It comes in a wide range of colors where you can choose the one that suits your needs. Its adequate height and simple glossy appearance can complement any living space, making it a great choice.

It is made with a triple-weave method that provides thermal insulation. The divider gives good seclusion and creates a private area in the home while it has an easy installation process and is useable on both S and bendable hooks.

9. RYB HOME Room Divider Screen

This room divider is soundproof and made of polyester. It consists of a noise-canceling triple-weave fabric that is very soft. It is a useful technique to reduce background noise and give your space a fresh look. This room divider provides shade, conceals clutter, and is ideal for napping.

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If sleep is very important to you and you need to fit a nap in-between some things, this will be perfect because you will be clueless about things around you. Both sides of this curtain model are made of the same material, giving it a finished effect. It is easy to install and maintain. Another thing that must be mentioned is it reflects both cold and heat.

10. RoomDividersNow Ceiling Track Room Divider

These room dividers are both attractive and heavyweight, and they also offer privacy which is an important factor for people nowadays.

If you are a musician and like to compose sounds, play instruments, or even sing, then this room divider is perfect for you because it can create a whole personal studio that will not bother other people who do not enjoy loud music.

It takes only minutes to split the space, and any additional thing is already included in this Kit. It is made easy, so anyone can open and close.

These lovely dividers offer a decorative look in any room because all sides have a beautiful finish. Also, the hems are nicely finished, which gives them a classy look. Installation instructions are included to make the process go smoothly. This product has a lot of reviews and most of them recommend this model for the soundproofing option.

Here is an example of a soundproof room divider and what it looks like.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

1. Can room dividers block noise?

Soundproof room dividers are different from regular room dividers because they can minimize noise or completely block it. There are many different types, such as curtains, foldable, free-standing wall panels, glass partitions, acoustic foam, and many more. You will know which type of soundproof room divider you need when you realize the purpose for which you need to use it. It also depends on your interior décor.

2. Which material is used for room dividers?

They can be made of a lot of materials. It depends on the type of divider but they can be made of glass, fabric, resin, camphor, foam, wood, etc.

3. Can room divider curtains insulate a room?

Some of them are made of thick and dense fabric that is layered. That is usually polyester, and it can insulate a room and reduce noise. Some room dividers also have other materials weaved in between to avoid the heat conduction process.

Final thoughts

Room dividers are perfect if you do not want to build additional walls but have some problems with roommates or outside noise. Your home will be more peaceful and surely more comfortable when you buy a soundproof room divider.

It is for sure worth the money you will spend on it for your comfort, quiet and peace. I hope that this article has helped you and for any additional questions, feel free to comment below.

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