How Long Can A Frog Live In A Pool?

If you are a pool owner, there’s a good chance that you will find a frog in a pool. Frogs want to escape hot temperatures and jump into pools during summer. When a frog falls into a swimming pool, they aren’t able to climb because of the slippery edge of the swimming pool. As the pool is full of chlorine, the frogs die after a while. Therefore, finding a frog in a swimming pool is not unusual. In this article, we’ll answer how long a frog can survive in a pool. So, let’s start!

How Long Can A Frog Live In A Pool? Typically, a frog can live in a pool for less than two days, depending on the chlorine level in the pool. Chlorine water eats the frog’s skin and causes the frog to choke out. Usually, when the frogs fall into the pool, they can’t get out of it because of the slippery edge of the pool.

Luckily, most frogs are harmless, and you don’t need to worry if you notice one in your swimming pool. Frogs can usually live up to two days in the pool. However, some frogs can be destructive. Although they do not pose any threat, they can carry bacteria to the pool. In the rest of this article, we will go over some other important things you need to know about frogs in the pool.

Can a Frog Carry Bacteria and Diseases?

Frogs can easily carry various bacteria and fungi and transmit them to humans. Because of that, some species of frogs can bring these diseases to your swimming pool, which can be fatal. This is why regular pool maintenance using various chemicals such as chlorine is extremely important. The pool needs to be cleaned regularly. Also, if possible, the pool should be covered when not in use to prevent frogs from entering it.

If you want to learn more about pool maintenance, be sure to read The Pros And Cons of Pool UV Systems.

How to Keep Frogs Away From A Pool?

To prevent frogs from entering the pool, just sprinkle coffee grounds around your swimming pool. Also, you can use a mix of lemon juice and water to keep the frogs away from the pool. Another very effective method is placing a chicken wire fence around the pool. It is a very simple procedure where you need to place wooden posts in a box shape. Hammer the nails into the post so that the structure holds. By doing so, you will keep the frogs away from the pool.

Here is one YouTube video that explains how you can get rid of frogs from your swimming pool.

Why Do Frogs Die In Pools?

High-chlorine water in the swimming pool eats the frog’s skin and causes the frog to choke out. As frogs breathe through their skin, chlorine levels get injected into their bloodstream, and they die. That’s why frogs don’t like the taste of chlorine. Shocking a pool with a high-chlorine solution will also kill the frogs in the pool.

How Frogs Can Harm Your Pool?

A dead frog can clog the pool plumbing system and pose a threat to human health. Frog eggs can also harm the swimming pool’s plumbing and vacuum. If you notice a dead frog or eggs in your pool, you need to shock the pool and remove the frog from the pool. A live frog can also cause damage to the pool. For more serious problems, be sure to contact a professional.

Ways To Prevent Frogs From Entering The Pool

Now that we have explained how long frogs can stay in the pool and what consequences they can cause, we will focus on ways to prevent frogs from entering the pool.

  • Use lemon juice or citric acid and spread it around the pool. Frogs don’t like the smell of lemon juice and citric acid.
  • Install a chicken wire pool fence around the pool. Although this is a slightly more expensive investment, it will certainly help and keep the frogs out of the pool.
  • Spread salt near the pool. Frogs don’t like raw salt because it burns their feet. By using it, you will keep the frogs away from your swimming pool.
  • Use a pool cover. Using a pool cover will block the entrance to the pool, and they will not be able to get in.
  • Keep your yard clean. You will probably attract frogs if you have a messy yard because they like leafy areas.

FAQ: People Also Ask

Do frogs carry diseases in the pool?

Frogs can carry diseases and microorganisms in the pool. This is because frogs reside in mud and places that are full of bacteria. However, most pools are full of chlorine that protects the water from these pathogens. Having frogs in your swimming pool for a long time can damage your pool and carry diseases in the long run.

Do frogs bite?

Usually, frogs bite people only when you try to feed them with your hands. Putting your fingers too close to a frog can result in a bite. This is because they feel threatened. Depending on the frog species, some bites can be more dangerous than others. For example, Pacman frogs are known to bite. Although the bites do not hurt, if it breaks the skin, the disease can be transmitted to you.

Final Thoughts

During summer temperatures, frogs generally seek refuge in the water, so it is not uncommon for them to jump into a pool if they come across one. Depending on the level of chemicals you have in your swimming pool, a frog can survive up to two days in it.

High levels of chlorine can easily kill them. One of the ways to keep the frog out of the pool is to keep the water in the swimming pool cold. However, even in some situations, even that is not enough, and it is necessary to cover the pool or block it with a chicken wire fence around it. I hope this article has helped you and for any additional questions on this topic, feel free to comment below.

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