How To Make Office Chair Stop Squeaking? 8 Ways To Fix It

Did you know that a squeaky office chair can be a huge distraction for both you and your colleagues? That irritating noise can negatively affect and decrease the productivity and concentration levels of everyone in the room. However, this issue can be easily fixed if you know what to do.

By identifying the source of the problem, you can fix your chair in no time. Besides that, you will save a lot of money and, at the same time, make your work environment more productive. In this article, we’ll explain what you must do to fix this issue. So, let’s start!

How to fix a squeaky office chair? To fix a squeaky office chair, turn it upside down and tighten all loose bolts and screws using a screwdriver. Next, apply lubricating oil to the chair’s components to keep it moving smoothly. Finally, wipe off any excess oil by using a soft towel.

Although it is not unusual for an office chair to start creating a squeaking noise, it can be easily solved. This problem mainly occurs with chairs that are not properly maintained and become loose over time. We will cover this topic in more detail below, so keep reading.

Why Do Chairs Get Squeaky?

Chairs Get Squeaky

If you’re dealing with a squeaky office chair, it’s crucial to identify the main cause of the problem before attempting to fix it. Fixing a chair that isn’t broken can lead to more trouble than you started with, so it’s important to pinpoint the exact source of the noise. However, this task can sometimes be challenging. In this section, we’ll cover why this problem occurs.

Here are the main reasons why chairs cause squeaking noise:

Loose Screws and Bolts 

One common cause of a squeaky office chair is loose bolts and screws. When the bolts and screws that hold the chair together become loose, the chair’s stability decreases, leading to squeaking noises. If you hear your chair making noise, it could be a sign that it is time to tighten the screws and bolts to prevent further damage and improve your sitting experience.

Rusty Screws and Bolts 

Another reason why your office chair may squeak is due to rusty screws and bolts. This is especially common in metallic chairs and can be identified by the color of the screws and bolts. It’s important to regularly check the bolts and screws to ensure everything is okay, especially in an environment where moisture is present and can cause rust to form more quickly. However, this issue can be easily fixed.

Legs On The Office Chair Are Loosened 

Another common cause of a squeaky office chair is loosened legs. This problem is relatively easy to spot as you may notice your chair becoming less stable as its legs become looser over time. Typically, this issue arises due to the shrinking of the dowels that hold the chair’s legs in place.

Broken Part

Finally, the squeaking sound from a chair can also be caused by some broken part. While some broken parts can be easily fixed, others may require replacing the entire chair. Therefore, it is very important to recognize whether the chair can be saved by changing only a certain part of it.

If you hear persistent squeaking, it’s crucial to investigate the issue and determine the best action to keep your workspace comfortable and productive.

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8 Ways To Fix Squeaking Chair

Are you tired of hearing your office chair squeak every time you move? Good news! There are plenty of ways to fix a squeaky chair without buying a brand-new one. Following the tips in this section, you can say goodbye to that annoying sound and enjoy a silent chair again. Here are eight ways how to fix a squeaking chair in your office:

1. Identify What Causes The Squeaking Noise

Look For The Cause Of Squeaking Noise

Before attempting to fix a squeaky office chair, the first step is to see where the noise comes from. This issue is usually in the loose bolts and screws that have become worn over time.

To locate the problem, you can flip the chair over and secure it on a couch or table, then inspect the chair for loose screws and bolts. Using your fingers, try wiggling the screws to see if they’re loose, and give the chair a gentle rock to check the limbs.

2. Tighten the Bolts And Screws

Tighten the Bolts And Screws

After locating the loose bolts and screws on your office chair, it’s time to fix them. Using a screwdriver, tighten the loose components. In some cases, you may also need to add nails. That way, you will strengthen the chair better.

For gaming chairs, you will need to disassemble the chair to access the bolts and nuts. For this purpose, use a screwdriver, drill, and bolt remover to fix the chair properly. By taking the time to fix the bolts and screws, you can eliminate the squeaky sound and enjoy a comfortable and productive work environment.

3. Remove The Rust From The Screws And Bolts

Rusty Screws And Bolts on Office Chair

If you’re dealing with rusty screws and bolts on a chair, you can remove the rust using household items. A toothbrush or steel wool dipped in vinegar can help you remove the rust from the chair parts. This method is particularly useful for metallic chairs, and you should concentrate on the parts like the swivel and chair height adjustment components.

If the task proves too challenging, you may consider purchasing new parts, although this can be costly. Cleaning the rust off your chair’s components can help eliminate squeaks and keep your workspace more productive and comfortable.

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4. Apply Glue

Add Glue To The Office Chair

Using wood glue can be an effective solution if you’re looking to fix your office chair. Keep in mind that regular glue will not work, so apply the wood glue. Once you’ve located the weak point of the chair, add the glue and let it dry completely before using it again.

Remember that this method is only suitable for wooden chairs, and if you have a metallic chair, this method will not work. If you prefer a more natural option, use Howard Wood Polish and Conditioner.

5. Lubricate Rusty Bolts By Using Oil

Lubricate Rusty Bolts By Using WD-40

Moisture can be the reason why your office chair is squeaky. This is usually because the environment where you work is humid. One way to fix this issue is to apply oil on the bolts to prevent rusting. We recommend using WD-40 spray for this purpose. Also, don’t forget to test the chair by having a friend rock it back and forth to see where the noise is coming from.

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Additionally, don’t forget to check the wheels and springs, which may also be the source of the squeaking noise. To lubricate the wheels, just place the office chair upside down and use a silicone spray. You can ensure a quiet and productive workspace by checking all these components.

6. Apply A Wood Swelling-Liquid

Fixing a squeaky office chair can involve various methods, one of which is using a wood swelling liquid. When a chair’s legs loosen, the dowels may shrink, which causes the squeaking sound. You can remove both legs to reach the dowel.

After you’re done with that, apply the wood swelling liquid. By using this method, the results will be more effective than using glue and will help to fix the issue.

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7. Apply The Tape To The Springs

If you’re dealing with a squeaky office chair, the problem may be in the chair springs. But instead of simply lubricating them, you can opt for a more permanent fix by using Teflon Seal Tape. First, you’ll need to remove any screws or nails that are holding the chair together so you can reach the springs.

Then, apply the tape to the springs and make sure to rub them together to reduce the pressure that’s causing the noise.

8. Get A New Office Chair

If nothing has worked till now, it might be time to consider getting a new office chair. The noise of a creaky chair can be quite frustrating, and sometimes it’s just not worth the effort to invest a lot of time to fix it. Instead, save yourself the trouble and invest in a new chair that will provide you with the comfort and functionality you need.

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For instance, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is an excellent option to consider. It provides excellent lumbar support, adjustable height, and tilt tension control, among other features that ensure maximum comfort while you work.

Here is also an additional video that will help you to fix your office chair:

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your office chair is important if you want it to last longer than its expected lifespan. Avoid rocking it or putting too much pressure on it, as it can damage the screws and bolts, leading to squeaking sounds. As with almost everything, office chair also need regular maintenance.

Following the tips in this article, you can easily eliminate the annoying squeaky noise your office chair creates. Remember, that loud noise that is coming from the chair should be a warning so that you can react in time and fix it. So, take care of your chair, and you will have no problem in the future.

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