How To Soundproof A Bedroom In 8 Steps

A night’s sleep can be disrupted by a number of factors and one of them is living in a noisy neighborhood. Therefore, it is really important to have a well-insulated bedroom where you can sleep peacefully. However, most bedrooms are very poorly insulated and let in sounds on all sides. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can soundproof your bedroom and keep it quiet. So, let’s start!

What Is Soundproofing?

If you live in a noisy area where you have noise problems, soundproofing your home or apartment is a must. Soundproofing is a method used to reduce or absorb the sound pressure caused by some sound source. The methods used to soundproof your home involve installing different insulation materials or double windows that are very good when noise needs to be kept out of the living space.

Why It Is Good To Soundproof a Bedroom?

You will surely be surprised to know that you can take control of the sounds that enter your living space. This can be done by installing several materials that are used for soundproofing. However, there are people who are skeptical about it and do not believe it is possible.

No matter what kind of relationship you have with your neighbors, the noise coming from their property is something you can’t influence. So it’s not uncommon for you to spend nights with earplugs in your ears to ensure a peaceful sleep because your neighbors love loud parties or just listening to loud music.

Also, once you do the soundproofing of your bedroom, you can allow yourself to live the life you want without disturbing others. You are free to practice playing the guitar, listening to loud music, or simply enjoying all activities without thinking that your lifestyle is causing stress and restless sleep to one of your neighbors.

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8 Ways to Soundproof Your Bedroom

The soundproofing methods mentioned below will give you a good start to insulate your bedroom. Today, my bedroom is quieter than before, although I can’t say it’s 100% soundproof. A bonus is that the soundproofing steps I suggest are effective and don’t cost a lot.

Bedroom Soundproofing MethodsEfficiency:Cost:
1. Adding A Door Sweep and Weatherstripping7/10Low
2. Add MDF or Drywall to the Door6/10Middle
3. Seal the Windows8/10Middle
4. Use Soundproofing Curtains5/10Middle
5. Use Acoustic Foam9/10High
6. Hang Some Pictures3/10Low
7. Soundproof the Ceiling or the Floor9/10High
8. Find the Sound Leak7/10Middle
Bedroom Soundproofing Methods

1. Adding A Door Sweep and Weatherstripping

Add door sweep to soundproof the bedroom

When I was working on the soundproofing of my bedroom, I noticed that bedroom doors are the biggest culprit for leaking unwanted sounds. That’s why I decided to pay more attention to the soundproofing of the door. You need to know that most doors have cracks through which air passes and hence sounds. The first thing to prevent this is to set up a door sweep.

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The door sweep is not a big expense, and they do an excellent job of soundproofing. It is a long-lasting solution that is very simple to install. I also installed a weatherstripping tape seal along the entire door to prevent sound waves from passing through the cracks when installing the door sweep.

2. Add MDF or Drywall to the Door

Drywall to the door for better soundproofing

As we have already said, the doors create the biggest problem with sound leakage. But if you are more worried about sounds coming from the outside or from the space above/below your bedroom, this step may not be important to you.

But believe me, for most people who struggle with unwanted noise, a soundproofing door will solve your problems. Therefore, the best option is to buy new doors made of solid wood. Most of the doors that people have in their bedrooms today are not of quality material. They are often filled with cracks.

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A new solid wood door costs around $200. Personally, I decided that I would not buy a new door, but I would rather spend the money on some other soundproofing methods.

For those who don’t have money for a new door, there are additional options that can make your existing door more resistant to sound leakage. You can place MDF or drywall on the door. Although when you add this, it will spoil the aesthetic appearance, it will definitely help in terms of noise reduction.

The mentioned materials will thicken and strengthen the doors and ensure that sounds do not pass through them so easily. Also, an additional option is to place a weighted blanket or fiberglass panel on the door. However, I didn’t use this method. It was enough for me to put a cheap MDF board on the door, which still works well.

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3. Seal the Windows

Seal the windows for better soundproofing

Once we’re done with the door, we can switch to the windows. I must mention that my windows didn’t have any visible cracks through which air entered the room, but when the excess material was already there, I used it just in case. 

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If you can feel the breeze of fresh air in your bedroom even when the windows are closed, this step will mean a big difference for you in terms of soundproofing. With the help of weather stripping, you will remove the drafts and noise.

4. Use Soundproofing Curtains

Soundproofing Curtains

When I installed the blackout curtains, which very effectively prevent the penetration of sound and light from the outside, without exaggeration I was delighted with the results. Until I had curtains on the windows I wasn’t even aware of how much light also affects my sleep

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My conclusion is that soundproof curtains are a great tool for blocking light, but they are also good for blocking sound. An added bonus is that by setting the curtains I set the look of the bedroom to a higher level. 

5. Use Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam on bedroom walls

Another great option that you can use is to put acoustic foam on room walls. I know that adding acoustic foam to the walls of your bedroom will create a strange look, but don’t worry. If you are creative, have fun with acoustic foam, and your bedroom will surely look interesting.

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Keep in mind that you should know that acoustic foam will not do much to prevent sounds from entering your room, but it will very surely prevent sounds that come out from your bedroom.

So using acoustic foam is a great solution for you if you like listening to loud music or watching TV at a time when other people inside the home are usually asleep.

6. Hang Some Pictures

Hang Pictures in the bedroom for better soundproofing

If acoustic foam ruins the good look of your bedroom, you can use some pictures and hang them on the walls. I placed them on the walls so that I stuck acoustic foam in the cavity on the background of the canvas. By doing this, you can improve the soundproofing process and, at the same time, make your bedroom more pleasing to the eye.

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7. Soundproof the Ceiling or the Floor

Soundproof the Ceiling

Lastly, we need to think about the sounds that are coming into your bedroom through the floor or ceiling. Sometimes they can be the source of a lot of noise.

Clearly, if you are bothered by the sound that is coming into your bedroom from the room above, you need to soundproof the ceiling. A good solution is to place acoustic foam panels on the ceiling that will reduce the noise. But it is even better to invest a little more money and put more efficient ceiling clouds. They also look pretty cool.

If you notice that the sounds inside your bedroom are spreading too much into the room below, you need to take some action to make the floor soundproof. When you have a carpet on the floor, you can achieve a lot by placing a heavy rug over it.

By doing this, you can make your bedroom more comfortable since rugs come in a variety of designs. If you place a layer of vinyl for soundproofing under the rug, you will also prevent the sound from coming out of your bedroom.

8. Find the Sound Leak

Find the Sound Leak

When you are in a situation similar to mine where you are woken up every morning by the same noise from the road, such as cars, then you know that sound is coming through places that have leaks. Maybe there is a problem with the window seal that should be further strengthened?

Or does the sound mostly come from the corner of the room where a large plush armchair should be placed to soften it? The key to solving your noise problem is to determine exactly where the source is.

If you want to learn more, be sure to watch this YouTube video:

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Can you soundproof a bedroom wall?

The best way for soundproofing a bedroom wall in increasing the wall’s density and create separation. These options combine sound breaker bars, acoustic insulation, and soundproofing panels, all things that are good for help in noise reduction.

Can cardboard be used to soundproof a room?

No, you can’t use cardboard for soundproofing the room. Cardboard does nothing to absorb sound actively. This material will reduce the transfer of echoes and noises by placing them along with floors, walls, and ceilings.

Final Thoughts

By using these methods, I turned my bedroom into a peaceful haven. You probably wonder whether I managed to make the room 100% soundproof? I did not. But I managed to make a big difference compared to the situation before.

The whole process took two days, while the investment was not so large. Now in my bedroom, I can rest in peace and quiet, relax, read and engage in all the activities in the bedroom. However, I can still hear sounds from outside, but not so much that it would bother me.

This DIY project allowed me to completely realize how my bedroom was under the impact of light pollution and that I got rid of that, also! Blackout sound-absorbing curtains played the biggest role here. The curtains also helped make my room look nicer, with lovely art pieces contributing to that also.

Lastly, I should also point out that I have learned a lot about soundproofing and that if I find myself in a situation where I am building a new home from scratch, I would certainly implement some of the advanced soundproofing techniques in it. It is much easier to have a soundproof home when you build one.

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