How to Soundproof a Door in an Apartment? 10 Ways

If you practice playing the guitar in the comfort of your own home or if you live in a loud environment, it is very difficult to stay concentrated and relaxed. In both cases, soundproofing your apartment door is something that must be done.

Most people don’t know, but unwanted sounds enter the apartment, mostly through the door. They are the entrance hole for noise that you have to close if you want peace in your apartment. In this article, we’ll talk about the best ways how you can soundproof a door in an apartment and much more. So, let’s start!

How to soundproof a door in an apartment? The most effective method to soundproof an apartment door is to weatherstrip the door frame completely. By adding a door sweep, the noise that comes from the outside will be significantly reduced and you will also reduce the heat loss during cold months.

However, these are not the only ways how you can soundproof your doors. Below we’ll use a few more examples of how you can effectively improve the sound insulation in your apartment. Also, I will further explain which model you’ll use for a door sweep and which weatherstripping is ideal for a particular application type.

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10 Ways to Soundproof an Apartment Door

When it comes to soundproofing an apartment door, it doesn’t matter if they are used for the interior or exterior. This is a task that will not cost you much money, and you will be able to do it yourself very quickly without hiring a professional. All the tips you will read here can be applied to any door.

Best Soundproof Methods For a DoorEfficiency:Installation Difficulty:
1. Weatherstripping7/10Medium
2. Moving Blanket5/10Easy
3. Rubber Door Sweep6/10Medium
4. Fiberglass Panel4/10Easy
5. Place a Rug in the Entryway4/10Easy
6. Use Acoustic Caulking Tube7/10Medium
7. Use Sound-absorbing Paint5/10Medium
8. Soundproof Blanket7/10Easy
9. Soundproof Pad8/10Easy
10. Choose Solid Door 10/10 Hard
Table: Soundproofing an apartment door

1. Weatherstripping

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Weatherstripping is the most often used method when you need to soundproof a door. This is the simplest, and most efficient way to block the sound that is coming into your apartment through the small gaps around your doorways.

Keep in mind that these gaps are crucial for soundproofing a door. Are there gaps along with the door? If so, are they large or small? Generally, it does not matter how big the gaps are. Even the small ones can make noise leaks.

The best way to inspect the cracks along the door is to turn off the lights and turn on the lights in the next room. Just stand close to the door (on the dark side), and if the door has gaps, the light will go through it. Use a special weatherstrip type to seal those gaps permanently. You should know that weatherstripping besides it can block cold air coming into the room, it can also do a great job of blocking noise.

There are a lot of weatherstripping products that you can use to soundproof the door. Sometimes it can be really hard to make a choice. You can try KELIIYO Door Stripping. This is an excellent product, especially if you consider its price of approximately $10. Here you can see how to properly install a Weatherstripping.

This model is considered soft and will give the door good soundproofing. Also, the good thing is that it’s self-adhesive. With this feature, the installation process is a breeze. Before sticking weatherstrip along your door frame inside, you have to thoroughly clean and dry its surface. After that, you are finished!

2. Moving Blanket

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Another good method that you can use to soundproof your doors is to use a moving blanket. Everybody knows that moving blankets are very thick. If you think about it, they are designed to protect your valuables. Therefore, be sure to hang a moving blanket in front of the door, as it will help to block the noise. The best is to use the velcro method which I will explain below.

The moving blanket will certainly not look great as a final result compared to fiberglass panels that are made to fit exactly the dimensions of the door frame. But it will help with door soundproofing. My advice is to use two blankets instead of one. Moving blankets are cheap, and you can find many of them on Amazon for a low cost.

3. Rubber Door Sweep

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Another way you can soundproof a door is to use s door sweep. This is a cheap and simple way. Also, a door sweep can be easily removed when you decide to do so. It is good to know this fact if you plan on moving in the future. There are many different models of door sweep on the internet that can be used for soundproofing, and it can be really hard and confusing to make the right choice.

One of the models we recommend is the one that comes with a metal strip, and it can be screwed on the doors. Its rubber bottom makes good touch with the surface, representing a strong seal. Keep in mind that door sweep materials that are built up from plastic should be avoided. They are usually not very durable.

Door sweeps from brush are also not a good choice for blocking noise. When it is time to move, just take away your door sweep and fix the holes that are coming from the screws. Caulking will help the holes to disappear and will save you losing money from the damage deposit.

4. Fiberglass Panel

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A fiberglass panel made from quilted is also a great way how to soundproof a door. It is a product that some call a “soundproof blanket”. It is a good soundproofing solution for a door because it can be found by the type that exactly matches your door dimensions.

This panel also absorbs a great amount of the echo and reverberation reflecting from the walls. Fiberglass panel lessens the sound strength by at least 50%. It has the ability to reduce loud noise in the room to an insignificant nuance. This fabric is unique because it contains fiberglass fibers of two inches that can easily block the noise.

However, if you opt for this option, we advise you to apply velcro. It is attached to the frame of the door. By using a velcro fiberglass panel, a really tight seal will be made. The recommended velcro for this usage is the Adhesive Black Hook Strenco 2 Inch that can be bought on Amazon.

Note! Velcro will stick to the panel’s material only if you sew it right into place. Another option is to staple it into the panel. A much better option, not just for the look but also for durability, is sowing it.

5. Place a Rug in The Entryway

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While this may seem ridiculous at first, using a rag to reduce the noise is a very effective way. Simply place a rug underneath the door and give it a good seal. Rugs are very good for reducing sound, especially when it comes to wood floors.

6. Use Acoustic Caulking Tube

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An acoustic caulking tube is also an option you can try. This method will cost around $15 and $20 to do the job. You will get permanent results, and no one will notice it. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different methods of this caulking. Online, as well as in local hardware stores.

It is a flexible sealant that will not crack. Sealing the door is a great move for the soundproofing process. If you ask me, this is a very good and cheap option to apply if you want to soundproof your door.

7. Use Sound-absorbing Paint

You certainly didn’t know this. Sound-deadening paint is thick latex paint that is denser than the standard ones you have in your home. The application for this paint is very simple and fast. Just use the brush and go between the door. Most homeowners opt for this method. Another advantage is that painted doors improve the look.

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8. Soundproof Blanket

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For blocking the loud noise, a good solution can be a soundproof blanket. You can easily move it around, so you can pull it off and put it back in its place whenever you want it. However, they are not cheap. Just one costs approximately $125. But, on the other hand, they are durable and worth the cost.

These blankets are very heavy. They work great for all sorts of problems with noise. Its material is great for noise transmission reduction and acoustical enhancement in the room.

Many blankets that can be bought today are made solely for soundproofing and acoustic purposes. The great thing about this model is its good thickness which can block intense noise!

To hang a blanket, built-in grommets are attached to it. But you should know that they will not do such a good job as Velcro, and the noise will keep entering your apartment through the door. A big plus for this material is that it is made in the USA and is recyclable.

9. Soundproof Pad

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A soundproof pad works on the same principle as a home door sweep. However, it is a less permanent option. However, it is proven that it stops even more noise that is entering the room through the bottom door. One of the advantages of soundproof pads is that pad can be placed on the door top, not only on the door bottom.

This soundproof pad can be applied in every situation when a crack along the door starts letting noise in the apartment. It is made from the same material type that construction sites use for barriers to noise that are best for sound absorption: sound-insulating felt, Polyester wool, EPDM rubber, iron powder, and PVC.

Keep in mind that this pad has to be placed every time when you open and close the door. If you notice some cracks, you should know that performance of the pad in sound reduction will be reduced. During application on your doors, be sure to set it using downward pressure. That is the right way to ensure no cracks are left on the floor.

10. Choose Solid Door

Certainly, the best way to reduce noise is to install new doors. Replacing your old doors with new ones will improve the quality and reduce the noise coming from other premises. Keep in mind that solid core doors are much denser, but heavier when we compare them with hollow ones. Typically, when it comes to the thickness of an average core door is around an inch-inch thick.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous methods that you can use to soundproof a door. One of them is also used when replacing the existing door of poor quality with a door made of a solid core. This is definitely a permanent solution but also a very expensive endeavor.

I recommend this option only if you have a place for storing old doors so you can put them back on when you move out. Otherwise, if you rent an apartment with no extra storage, you should stick to simple and not as costly alternatives. I hope that this article has helped you, and for any additional questions, feel free to comment below.

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