Should We Fill A Pool With A Water Truck? Explained

Having a pool in your backyard is something that increases the value of your property. The pool is built to hold water, and without its pressure and weight pool’s walls or floor may break. For that reason, it is not recommended to leave your pool empty after you have just built or repaired it, especially during summer. In this article, we’ll talk about whether it is a good option to fill a pool by using a water truck. So, let’s start!

Should We Fill A Pool With A Water Truck? Filling up a pool with a water truck is much more cost-effective compared to filling a pool with a water hose. Water trucks can transport a large amount of water (around 9,000 gallons) and fill the pool in about 30 minutes (depending on the pool size). Therefore, hiring a water truck is recommended.

Most pools are made to hold water’s pressure and weight and are not used to the pressure from outside surfaces. When you build or repair a pool, it is best to fill it up with water immediately so that you do not need to do more repairs. You can do that by hiring a water truck service that will make things much easier.

What Is a Water Truck?

Example of A Water Truck

A water truck is considered a vehicle that transports large amounts of water in a tank from one place to another. People usually need them the most when they own a pool or when they need to transport large amounts of water. On their side or rear, they have nozzles to direct water, and a large tank is located on their rear. This makes it easier to transport water and control it.

There are water trucks that come in different-sized tanks. You can hire the one that is ideal for your needs. It is also important to mention that their tanks are cylindrical in shape, allowing them to avoid any weak points that would need additional support.

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How To Refill Your Pool? Best Options

Refiling A Pool

Before filling up your pool, you need to know how much water it can hold. This is important information if you want to rent a water truck service to fill up your pool. Based on your pool’s height and size, you may find an estimated number of gallons it can hold. Here are the charts for round and oval pools:

Water Volume For Round Pools

Pool Height 48”Pool Height 48”Pool Height 52”Pool Height 52”Pool Height 54”Pool Height 54”
Pool Size [ft]U.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. Gallons
Table: Shows how much water in gallons you need to fill up the rounded pool.

Water Volume For Oval Pools

Pool Height 48”Pool Height 48”Pool Height 52”Pool Height 52”Pool Height 54”Pool Height 54”
Pool SizeU.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. Gallons
12’ x 24’6,80012’ x 24’7,36015’ x 30’11,950
15’ x 30’10,62015’ x 30’11,50018’ x 33’15,780
18’ x 33’14,02018’ x 33’15,18018’ x 40’19,120
  21’ x 41’22,00021’ x 43’23,974
Table: Shows how much water in gallons you need to fill up the oval pool.

Usually, water tanks can hold around 9,000 gallons (34,068 liters). If you order a full tank delivery, it will cost you around $400, and if you need only half a tank, it will cost about $250. Many people don’t know, but filling up a pool with a water truck will cost less than filling it up at home with a water hose. However, this is not always an option.

Even though it may be cheaper for some pools, if you have a 27’ round pool that needs 18,600 gallons (70,400 liters), it is easier to fill it up on your own. That is because filling it up with a water hose will cost you from $110 to $210, depending on your area. You can always check this price by calling your local water company.

If you want to pay for water delivery by a water truck, you will not be disappointed since it is the fastest and best way to fill up your pool. The price indeed can (but does not have to) be higher, but it is worth it if you are looking for an easy option.

Rent A Water Truck To Fill Up Your Pool

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to fill your pool, you can order a water delivery truck since a hose, and a pool pump are way too slow. This method is much faster and more efficient, and your supplier probably has its own water source. If it does not have it, it will find one close to your pool, so you do not have to worry about that. You can find a pool water supplier in your city and order delivery. Be sure to search for it on Google if you don’t know where it is located.

Your water supplier needs permission to connect to a metered hydrant because they cannot connect to a fire hydrant. The water is drawn from the source using a heavy-duty hose. The hose needs to be laid flat on the ground for the pool to fill up quickly.

Before you decide to rent a water truck, you will need to measure your pool and determine how much water you need to fill it up completely. An average-sized truck holds around 9,000 gallons (34,068 liters), so if your pool needs more than that, the truck will need to make multiple trips.

Measure Your Swimming Pool Size

Measuring A Swimming Pool

To know your pool size and how much water it can hold, you need to calculate its volume, which depends on the pool’s shape. To calculate the volume, you will need the depth of your pool and its surface area, and it is best to divide it into more areas for a better calculation. Using the formula below, you can calculate your pool’s volume before ordering a water truck.

Volume Calculation For Rectangular Pool 

You will get your pool’s volume in cubic feet by multiplying its length, width, and depth. Every cubic foot has 7.5 gallons. Therefore, to calculate your pool’s volume in gallons, you need to multiply the result by 7.5.

Volume (US gal) = 7.5 x Length x Depth x Width

Volume Calculation For Circular Pool

To find a volume of a circular pool, you need to multiply it by the number π (3.14). It refers to the squared radius (one-half the diameter) and the average depth. The result then needs to be multiplied by 7.5 to get the result in gallons.

Volume (US gal) = 3.14 x 7.5 x Radius Squared x Average Depth

Here you can see an example of how it looks like to fill up the pool by using a water truck:

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up The Pool?

On average, a pool has around 20,000 gallons (75,000 liters) of water, which will cost you around $90 to $200 to fill up the pool completely. You can expect to pay around $5-$10 per 1000 gallons. It is important to know that a water truck can hold around 9,000 gallons, so if your pool needs less, they will still charge you for the price of a full tank. That is why it is important to measure your pool’s volume and decide if it is a good idea to order a full pool water delivery.

When you measure your pool’s volume, you can call your water supplier and ask them for the exact delivery price. It will depend on the water supply market and your location since it includes water usage and sewerage charges.

Some companies offer the delivery of water treated for swimming pool use beforehand. It is a practice that many suppliers do, but some places forbid them because of environment-oriented concerns. If you can order already-treated water and the price is good, it may be best to fill up your pool like this since it is easier.

How Long Does It Take a Water Truck to Fill a Pool?

The time it takes for a water truck to fill up a pool depends on its dimensions, size, and volume. That is why it is important to know the exact volume of your pool. Usually, a truck that holds 9,000 gallons needs about 30 minutes to fill up a pool. It will take longer if you need more deliveries when your pool is bigger because you may wait in between filling for the water to arrive.

Will The Fire Department Fill My Pool?

Technically, they can, but it is very little chance that they will actually do it. Firefighters must always be on standby and be ready in case of a fire emergency. Therefore, it is not wise to ask them for such a service. Therefore, we advise you not to try contacting the fire department to fill the pool. However, if your fire department agrees to fill up your pool, it violates some of the regulations, and they can be held responsible for it.

Prepare The Area Before Calling A Water Truck

The area must be prepared before calling a water truck.

To fill your pool safely, a water truck needs solid ground to hold its weight since it can be heavy. It also needs to be able to move through your yard, so you will need to remove any items that may get in its way. Usually, you do not need to help them fill up your pool, but it is important to allow them access to the pool so they can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Some people love and want to be there when the work is being done, so it may be best to order a delivery when you know you will be at home. When the work is finished, you can decide if it is worth the money. Usually, people like this way of filling up their pool since it is very easy and quick, and they do not have to worry about anything.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

What’s the cheapest way to fill a pool?

The cheapest, but not the quickest, way to fill up a pool is by using a hose and city tap water. If you are looking for a cheap option, this is the one but bear in mind that you need a lot of time for this. Since an average-sized family uses around 13,000 gallons of water monthly, you can calculate how much you will spend for your pool based on its volume.

Is it cheaper to fill a pool with a hose?

As mentioned above, filling up your pool using a water hose is cheaper, but it all depends on your location. If your water rate is very high, you might consider calling a local water supplier to deliver pool water with a truck. It may be a cheaper option for places where water bills are enormously high and the easiest option.

Can I use the fire hydrant to fill my pool?

Using a fire hydrant to fill up your pool may sound like a good idea, but it is actually not allowed. Yes, it is quick and easy, but you should not do it.

Final Thoughts

Filling up your pool may sound boring and time-consuming, but if you decide to do it by using a water truck, it may be a quick and very easy solution. Before deciding to use a water truck, it is important to calculate your pool’s volume to see how much water you need. Even though it can sometimes be cheaper to fill up your pool using a garden hose, it takes a lot of time and effort. You can order your water truck delivery by contacting your local water supplier and setting up an appointment.

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