Do Soundproofing Blankets Work? Expert Explain

Soundproofing is a very popular method to block and reduce sound. However, people often get the wrong impression and don’t know what exactly it refers to. You need to know that in order for a room to become 100% soundproof, it takes a lot of time and money.

However, there are a number of soundproof methods that you can use to dampen the sound to a level that is not irritating, but in most cases, a complete blockade of unwanted sound is very difficult to achieve. One of the methods that you can use is a soundproof blanket.

Can Soundproofing Blankets Really Reduce Noise?

Yes, soundproofing blankets can be used to reduce noise. When you are in a situation where you want to reduce the noise that is coming from outside into your private space, you can use soundproofing blankets for this task.

However, keep in mind that they will NOT COMPLETELY eliminate the noise. These blankets use special materials that have sound-absorbing properties. How effectively a blanket will attenuate unwanted sounds depends on how thick it is and how it is sewn. To find out more, continue reading.

Where Can Soundproof Blankets Be Used?

Soundproof blankets usage

Soundproofing blankets can be used in a few situations where it is possible to reduce sound propagation. Soundproofing blankets are recommended for large rooms with not much furniture but with much more hard surfaces. You need to know something about the sound. It moves through the room so that it bounces off walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces and intensifies as it moves.

If one or more hard surfaces are covered with a soundproofing blanket, it will reduce the noise to a certain limit. This blanket will simply stop the path of the sound waves and prevent them from getting louder by moving from one surface to another.

Soundproofing blankets are good for:

  • in bedrooms
  • in music rooms
  • in garages
  • on doors
  • on windows
  • on walls

If you want to insulate your apartment or office completely, then a soundproofing blanket will not be helpful, but you will have to opt for other construction solutions. If you want to learn more bout this topic, be sure to read How to Reduce Noise Through Walls.

However, if you live in a rented apartment where it isn’t possible to make any changes, you will need to use this option.  That is why having this blanket is ideal for you. It can be placed on various surfaces. Depending on the model of the blanket, it can reduce sound by up to 50%.

Things to Look For When Buying A Soundproofing Blanket

Purchasing A Soundproofing Blanket

Before buying a soundproof blanket, you need to know what to pay attention to. Their top layer is usually made of woven fabric, mostly transparent material with acoustic properties

Therefore, the sound easily passes through the first layer and then goes to the inner layer that is in charge of sound absorption. Generally, the material from which soundproof blankets are made can best be described as breathable.

Type of Fabric

See if your blanket is breathable or not. When we say that fabric can let air through, it is acoustically transparent in the context of soundproofing. The best way to make sure the fabric is breathable is to blow through it. Air must pass to the other side. If it does, you can conclude that the fabric you have in your hands is acoustically transparent and breathable.

The function of sound absorption in soundproofing blankets is performed by the inner layer of the fabric, which is made of very dense materials such as mineral wool, fiberglass, recycled cotton, loaded vinyl, and cellulose.

It is a completely different material compared to the fabric from which the top layer of the blanket is made. Once the sound reaches the inner layer, it is stopped and cannot pass on. To make it easier to attach, they usually have grommets.

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Density and Thickness

A good way to decide if a soundproof blanket you want to buy is of decent quality is to pay attention to its thickness and fiber density. The thicker the blanket and the denser the fiber is, the more degree of soundproofing you can expect. But be careful, not every thick blanket is also an ideal choice for soundproofing.

The thickness of the material in a certain amount can represent the degree of efficiency in a soundproofing blanket. However, you must know that there are materials that are not thick on the feel but are still great for soundproofing. When buying a soundproofing blanket in the store, you will be able to easily assess the properties and thickness of the material from which the blanket is made by touching it.

Price Range

Soundproofing blankets can be found on the market today at very different prices. If you are willing to set aside more money, you will get a thicker blanket of better quality. As we mentioned earlier, fiberglass is one of the materials with excellent absorption properties.

A bonus of soundproofing blankets is the good look compared to most models that are not pleasing to the eye. So, be sure to look for one that also has a good design, as you will be using them in visible places in the house or study rooms.


The look and the design of a soundproof blanket is also important to some homeowners. Those who pay a lot of attention to the look of the space in which they live and want to harmonize their soundproof blanket with the interior decoration have a whole range of neutral colors that easily fit into any space.

If you are going to use your soundproofing blanket for only one purpose for a long time, in a specific place, it is understandable that you want it to fit in as well as possible. Feel free to be creative. Decide on the color and design that suits you best. If it is a quality soundproof blanket, its appearance will not impact the function it performs.

5 Best Soundproof Blankets

When you buy anything, it is clear that you want to find the best possible product at the best price. This is also the case with soundproofing blankets. Below we will offer you the best models of soundproofing blankets that we believe provide excellent quality for their price. So, let’s go.

1. Supreme Mover Blanket

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The soundproofing blanket produced by US Cargo Control is a great solution for those who want to solve their soundproofing issues simply and effectively. The design of this blanket is specifically made to insulate the door, but it can also serve well for soundproofing any surface that has similar dimensions to a door.

The supreme mover blanket also boasts a pleasant look. A big advantage is that these blankets are long-lasting since they are made of a mixture of cotton and polyester. Another great thing is that the manufacturer has designed them to be easily moved from one location to another without losing the soundproof effect.

2. Audimute Sound Absorption

Audimute is a great solution if you are looking for a soundproofing blanket that will reduce noise in your apartment and at the same time, beautify your space. According to user reviews, apart from having an NRC rating of 0.8 in each version, Audimute blankets are also among the most affordable.

However, they cannot cancel the sound that bothers you completely, but they will certainly significantly reduce the intensity of the sound. Keep in mind that this model of blankets is of unusual dimensions, 54″x 95″, so it will not easily become a solution for every situation. But you should also know that they have grommets which makes setup easy.

3. uBoxes Moving Blankets

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These uBoxes moving blankets are also a great solution if you want to soundproof the room where you spend most of your time. It is a double version of the classic moving blanket that can be helpful when it comes to soundproofing. They are made of light material, but don’t let that fool you. They have good soundproofing features and represent a quality product.

Their primary purpose is to secure items from damage during removal. Protect in moving items such as closets cannot be small blankets, so their dimensions are large. This gives furniture owners a sense of security when moving. But it never occurs to many that moving blankets can be a great helper when moving and when you need a soundproof room.

4. EasyGoProducts Moving Blankets

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EasyGoProduct moving blankets have good soundproofing properties. People love them because they are affordable and come in different dimensions. If you are looking for a soundproof blanket with larger dimensions, this is not the model for you. These blankets are smaller. Unless you don’t mind covering the area with multiple blankets.

5. Sure-Max Soundproofing Blanket

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A Sure-Max soundproof blanket is an ultra-thick option and is perfect for those looking for thicker material for soundproofing. With a weight of 65 pounds, it can undoubtedly satisfy every customer. These blankets work perfectly when it comes to soundproofing. So much so that you will surely be surprised by the fact that soundproofing is not their only purpose.

If you are interested to see how these blankets work, watch this YouTube video.

The Cheaper Option: Moving Blankets

If you have a smaller budget, I recommend buying a moving blanket instead of a soundproofing blanket. These are blankets that workers use to protect furniture when moving. They are very dense and therefore absorb sounds well.

Moving blankets can be found in stores at very reasonable prices and will serve you well to some degree. However, you should know that they cannot achieve the same effect as specialized blankets for soundproofing. Also, most of them don’t even have grommets so you can’t attach them.

With a moving blanket, the rule is that the thicker it is, the better it will fight sound. A good model of a moving blanket that will effectively muffle unpleasant sounds from the outside is the US Cargo Control Moving Blanket.

But given the good price, this should not be a problem. The bonus is that these blankets have grommets that help set them up.

Why does this moving blanket do a soundproofing job well? The answer lies in its thickness and the way it is made. It is manufactured of polyester and cotton and sewn with zig-zag seams. It is clear that the price of this product means that it cannot provide complete soundproofing. But believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness.

If you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to read Top 6 Best Soundproof Pads.

Final Thoughts

If you are bothered by the loud sound coming from outside in your daily life, it will mean a lot for your quality of life if you manage to eliminate or at least silence them. Also, soundproofing is a great move if you are a musician or just working from home in a way that, with the help of the internet, you have to follow meetings or provide customer support to clients.

Soundproofing blankets are good for sound control if you do not have the time, will, or money for a soundproof construction project. They can be purchased at affordable prices, have a good property of absorbing sound waves, and will certainly mitigate the noise to some extent.

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