What Can I Use To Cover My Garage Windows?

Most garages are used for the same purpose, and that is to store personal belongings such as car, bicycles, and other tools. However, having garage windows can sometimes be a problem and can attract the attention of other people to peek in and see what you keep inside. So if you want to prevent this, then the best option is to cover your windows. In this article, we’ll talk about that. So, let’s start!

What Can I Use To Cover My Garage Windows? Garage windows can be covered by window shutters, frosted glass, blinds, wax paper, or decorative tableaux grilles. Each of these methods works and will do the job. However, the most effective way is to use window blinds. They can easily control the transparency you want on the windows.

Covering a garage window is not the problem as it seems at first, and there are many ways you can cover the windows on your garage. By doing this, you will increase the security and privacy of your garage. However, there are cheap and expensive ways on how this can be done. Therefore, we’ll cover each method for every budget. Make sure to stay with us to learn more.

Ways How To Cover Garage Windows

Garage windows can be covered using several methods. Each of us wants privacy, so it is good to know how you will do it. Of course, the first thing to consider is what type of window you have in your garage. That way, you can choose the most suitable and efficient option for your windows. Here are some methods that can be used for garage windows.

1. Window Shutters

We will start the list with window shutters. They are an affordable and long-lasting solution for your garage. The great thing about them is that you can adjust the angle and thus increase or decrease the transparency. The installation process is quite simple, and anyone can do it. Window shutters do not require much maintenance and are easy to clean. Our suggestion is to choose vinyl material for your garage. You will certainly not make a mistake if you opt for this option.

2. Frosted Glass Window

Frosted glass is a very popular way of fogging windows that many households use today. So why don’t you use it on your garage windows also? You can install them very easily and quickly. The great thing is that adding them does not reduce natural light in your garage. Different types of frosted glass offer different transparencies. This frosted glass can be bought on Amazon or other online stores.

3. Window Blinds

Although you will find window blinds in almost every house, they can also be used for garage windows. They are very easy to install and the amount of light you let into your garage is easily controlled with them. There is a wide variety of curtains on the market and you can find them almost everywhere. Therefore, try to choose a color that will best suit your interior so that it does not catch the eye. They do not require excessive maintenance, and the only thing you need to do is wash them from time to time.

4. Tableaux Decorative Grilles

Decorative grilles are also one of the ways you can cover your garage windows. However, it depends on the type of window you have. Although the process of installing tableaux grilles can be complicated, it is worth it because they have a unique design. You can find the range of tableaux grilles online and see what kind of choice is available to you.

5. Use Wax Paper

This is the quickest and most inexpensive option for how you can cover your garage windows. By simply cutting wax paper into the right size, you can cover your windows and prevent anyone from to look what’s inside your garage. The disadvantage of this method is that every time you want to bring natural light back into your garage, you have to remove the wax paper from it. But even that can be solved if you are a little creative.

Types Of Garage Windows

Garage Windows type

Garage windows are different from home windows. Because of that, they require a different approach when choosing one that is suitable for your garage. Garage windows need to be easily ventilated and let in natural light. The most common types of windows used in garages today will be listed in this section. So let’s analyze them.

Awning Windows

Apart from being used in some homes, awning windows can also be seen in garages. They are a very popular window choice due to their efficiency. Apart from their small size, they are very practical and can easily be opened by using a simple crank of a handle to let the fresh air in. They don’t require any maintenance and can be easily replaced if you want to add a newer model of the window to your garage.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are types of windows that are attached to their frame by hinges that are placed at the side. They can also be opened very easily and thus provide the ventilation that every garage needs. Therefore, if you have a large garage, then casement windows are the right choice for you. They can bring a lot of natural light into your garage and can be opened in a few seconds. They can be obtained and installed very easily, which is also one of the advantages.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are the most common windows you will see in garages. They come in different shapes and sizes. Also, they are designed to let a lot of natural light into the room, which makes them desirable. However, not all types of these windows can be opened, so this is one of the disadvantages that can be present. Therefore, those who have this type of window must find another way to ventilate their garage. Search on Google to see which model best suits your garage.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

How much does it cost to cover garage windows?

This depends on what method you choose. If you want to cover your garage windows with wax paper it will cost you roughly $5, while if you choose to use blinds or frosted glass it can cost you between $40 to $70. However, first, check which method suits your garage the best.

How much does it cost to put a window in a garage?

The cost of installing a garage window depends on the type of window you want to install, the number of windows, and whether you will do it yourself or call a professional to do it. However, the price you can expect is between $1,200 to $1,500 for the average garage.

What is the best way to ventilate a garage?

By installing wall vents, you can efficiently vent your garage. Other ways that can also be used are exhaust fans, garage door vents, and by using AC units. That way, you’re garage will have reasonable temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Garage windows can be a target for many thieves, especially if they can see what’s inside. By covering your garage windows, there are much less chances that someone will break into your garage because they don’t know what’s in it. When it comes to covering windows, there are many options that you can use, such as shutters, frosted glass, or blinds. Whichever method you choose, you won’t go wrong, because they will all get the job done. It’s up to you to find one that will fit your garage’s design. I hope we helped you, and for any additional questions, leave a comment.

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