Where to Put the Microwave in a Small Kitchen?

Today almost every modern kitchen has a microwave as a standard piece of equipment. However, they are not so small and sometimes it can be a problem to place one in the kitchen. This is especially true if you have a small kitchen. Therefore, in such cases, it takes a lot of creativity to find the right place where you can fit the microwave without taking up to much space. In this article, we’ll talk about the best places to put the microwave. So, let’s start!

So Where to Put the Microwave in a Small Kitchen? The best places to put a microwave in a small kitchen are above the oven, on a lower shelf, on a baker’s rack, on the countertop, inside custom cabinetry, or on suspended shelves. However, this all depends on the size of the kitchen, its design, and its complexity.

Sometimes, it is not easy to find the ideal place to put the microwave in a small kitchen. But don’t panic right away, every problem has its solution. Below we will offer you a lot of options that you can use. I believe this will help you conclude where to place a microwave oven in a small kitchen without taking up more space than necessary.

Why It’s Important to Put a Microwave in the Correct Place?

Important to Put a Microwave in the Right Place

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so it needs to be kept clean and tidy. However, since this is also a room where food is prepared, it is not always so simple, especially if you have a small kitchen. For that reason, deciding where to place the microwave at first glance seems not so important compared to other kitchen appliances. 

There are many locations in the kitchen where you can place a microwave. Kitchen cabinets and drawers are good options, and it’s not a bad idea to set this home appliance over the range. Also, it is not recommended to place the microwave oven in the immediate vicinity of the refrigerator or the space where you store food, as it can negatively affect such cases.

Lastly, the location you choose for the microwave must be an area of easy access that every household member can reach. Keep in mind that the location you choose will be a reflection of the style of your kitchen, as well as its spaciousness.

9 Places Where to Put a Microwave in a Small Kitchen

In order to have a fully functional kitchen, it is very important that you arrange your kitchen appliances well. However, having a small kitchen is a big challenge. But we don’t want to discourage you from giving up the microwave just because you think you have nowhere to put it.

Believe me, even in a small kitchen, there are many locations that can serve well for setting up a microwave without it taking up too much precious space. Here we will give you ten great solutions that you can use, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best:

Custom Cabinetry

Today, the best aesthetic solution that saves a lot of space in modern kitchens is that all household appliances are located inside custom cabinetry. This is the most effective option and also the most expensive if you are looking for a simpler solution. If you choose this option, you can place the microwave in the following positions:

1. Above The Oven

Microwave above the oven

Above the oven is the most common place where you can place a microwave in your kitchen. However, this is not always the best option. So you need to see if the microwave would fit above the oven before you set it up.

2. Within Surrounding Cabinets

Microwave in Surrounding Cabinets

One of the solutions that many homeowners are turning to is to make a little alcove inside the cabinet system that fits perfectly with the trim kit and other cabinets. The ideal situation is if you already have a good cabinet system in your small kitchen that can be used to place a microwave in it.

Some homeowners simply insert their microwave oven into one of the existing cabinets. However, this requires that you ensure the possibility of connecting the household appliance to electricity inside the cabinet. If you can, this is a great option to keep the microwave away from view where it won’t bother you. This is also a particularly good option for those who use the device often and have more cabinet space.

Custom Shelving

A slightly cheaper and equally effective option compared to the custom cabinets system is custom shelves. They are a true blessing when it comes to small kitchens with an empty walls. Vertical storage space is always a good idea.

Décor + Function

Custom shelves on which you can place your home appliance, spices, or dishes can also be a great decorative accessory. Kitchen shelves are usually made of wood, which always makes them pleasing to the eye. However, they must also be able to withstand the additional weight that the microwave has. Note, the weight of the microwave can be up to 55 pounds (25 kg)!

3. Suspended Shelves

Microwave on Suspended Shelves

A good option when talking about custom shelving is a suspended shelf that can be placed along the bottom of the upper cabinets in your kitchen. This option is recommended if you have high positioned top cabinets and more free space between the cabinets and the counter. Hanging shelves can also be used in this situation. This is an ideal solution if the space in your kitchen is limited due to an eating bar or an island.

4. Wall Brackets

A simple solution is to place a hanging shelf or wall bracket above the kitchen island or bar and position the microwave on it. If you opt for this, it is very important to make sure that the shelf can support the microwave oven weight before installing it.

Maximize Unused Space

When placing a microwave oven on a shelf, another option is to position it on a shelf inside the lower cabinets, i.e. just below the counter. It is often the case that in these positions, there are decorative parts of the kitchen cabinet system that have no practical purpose. Behind them, it is easy to create a storage space in which a shelf for a microwave oven can be placed.

5. Baker’s Rack

Place microwave in a small kitchen on Baker’s Rack

This is an ideal option when you have a kitchen with small dimensions and very limited space, but also an empty wall along its entire length or height. Baker’s racks are essentially units that are smaller than classic hutch pantries and have between two and four shelves on which homeowners typically store robust items like coffee machines, crackpots, and microwaves so they don’t take up valuable counter space.

Baker’s rack is also often used to store smaller items such as jars, pans, spices, and other kitchen utensils to keep the countertop available to the user for cooking. A microwave oven can be placed on such a rack. It is also a good choice to place it on a rack countertop that can be retrofitted.

6. Microwave On a Hutch Pantry

Placing the microwave on a Hutch Pantry

Many homeowners, especially those with small kitchens, dream of having a large, spacious pantry at their disposal one day. But if you’re in a position just to want extra storage space to set up a microwave somewhere in the kitchen, a hutch pantry will do just fine. These are constructions larger than a baker’s rack as they contain larger cabinets below and above the installed counter.

The counter of the hutch pantry is the ideal location for your microwave, except in situations where the system is pre-made with the intention that one of the cabinets will become a location for this appliance. It is not easy to make a decision to buy a hutch pantry, so we advise you to first look at what is offered in this category on the market. For starters, take a look at what’s on offer on Amazon, maybe you will find inspiration there.

7. Microwave on the Countertop

Placing the microwave on the countertop

Also, one of the solutions is to place the microwave straight on the countertop. This is an ideal option if you want your home appliance to always be at your fingertips. In addition, the advantage of a countertop is that you do not have to worry about which electrical outlet you will use to connect your device, and it is a solid surface that will withstand even the heaviest microwave oven.

However, you must know that if you place the microwave on a countertop, you will surely reduce the space for working in the kitchen and probably create a clutter. If you want to avoid this and at the same time do not want to give up on placing this home appliance right on the countertop, you can use a special rack for the microwave.

8. Microwave On the Kitchen Island

Using the kitchen island to place a microwave

If you have a small kitchen but it has a kitchen island, save yourself the effort and time and use the island as a place where you can put the microwave. Otherwise, kitchen islands are a very useful feature that can serve multiple purposes.

If you use the island to set up a microwave oven, you will have more space in the kitchen cabinets for other necessities. If your kitchen island has a free drawer, it is not a bad idea to place a microwave oven in it, noting that in this case, its use will require a lot of bending.

9. Built-In With a Trim Kit

Trim kit for placing a microwave in a small kitchen

If you decide to position the microwave oven in an island drawer or in one of the lower cabinets, it will fit much better if you also install a trim kit. It is a metal ring whose purpose is to fill the space between the cabinet and the microwave.

Lastly, you can watch this YouTube video to see even more ideas on where to place your microwave in a small kitchen.

For those who want to learn more about electricity consumption, be sure to read How To Calculate Power Consumption Of Any Appliance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, sometimes it can be a big challenge to find the right place for a microwave in a small kitchen. However, there are a lot of ways to avoid this problem, like custom shelving or cabinets. You can also get a handy kitchen accessory like baker’s or microwave racks that provide extra space in the kitchen without you spending a lot of money for custom work. I hope that this article has helped you and if you have any additional questions about this topic, feel free to comment below.

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