9 Steps to Program Garage Door Opener In Car Without Remote

Every modern garage today has a door opener that facilitates the door opening so that you do not need to get out of your vehicle on a rainy or cold day. This is usually done by using a remote that sends a signal to a device inside the garage that then opens the door.

However, the remote can sometimes get lost, and then a problem can arise. To avoid this, the best option that can be done is to program a garage door opener with built-in buttons inside your car. This is a very simple process that can be done in a few minutes. In this article, we’ll talk about that. So, let’s start!

So How to Program Garage Door Opener In A Car Without a Remote? To program a garage door opener in your car, reset your old settings and set a new one. This is done by holding a “learn core” and arrow buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Now you need to set a new code. Choose a four-digit code of your choice. Lastly, confirm the code on garage door opener.

Programming a garage door opener with car buttons is a very simple process. Once you have found where the buttons are in your car, you just need to follow the steps, and that’s it. You will no longer need a remote control to open and close your garage, which makes this proces way easier.

In the next chapter, find step-by-step instructions on how to program the garage door opener in your car without remote:

Steps To Program Garage Door OpenerIn Short
Step 1: Look For Built-in Buttons In Your CarFirst, find where are the buttons in your car.
Step 2: Study The Control Panel For A Few MinutesUnderstand which button is used for what.
Step 3: Start Programming The ButtonsMake sure to delete old memory from buttons in your car.
Step 4: Restore the Default SettingsNow, set the settings to default.
Step 5: Set a New CodeNext, get a new code that you will use for your  garage door opener.
Step 6: Press the “Learn Code” ButtonProgram new settings by pressing the “learn code” button.
Step 7: Connect Your Garage Opener With The ButtonMake sure the buttons from the car are connected to the garage door opener.
Step 8: Test The Button You Just ProgramedLastly, test and see if the buttons you programmed work.
Step 9: Store the Remote Control In A Safe PlaceStore the remote in a safe place in your house.

How Does a Garage Door Opener Communicate?

Each garage door opener is controlled by a remote controller (transmitter) and by a central computer (receiver). The garage door opener receives the signal from the controller that uses a specific radio frequency, which in most cases is 315 MHz or 390 MHz.

Once the garage door opener has received the signal, it starts to open or close the doors depending on its current position. After programming the door opening system, the door will open every time a signal is sent from the car to the control box.

Note! If the garage door does not open after you send the signal from the controller to the opener, this is mostly because you have a faulty or discharged battery.

For those who already have garage door opener in their garage, be sure to read this article: The Pros and Cons Of Garage Door Opener.

How To Program Garage Door Opener In Car Without a Remote

Step 1: Look For Built-in Buttons In Your Car

Find Where The Buttons Are Located In Your Car

First, you need to inspect your car and find where you have built-in buttons in your car. Usually, these buttons are placed above the driver’s seat (in most cars). If you can’t find them, take the user manual and see where they are installed. Once you have found them, you need to understand which one is a ‘program’ button, which one is a ‘learn’ button, etc. Now, we can move to step two.

Step 2: Study The Control Panel For A Few Minutes

Make Sure To Understand How Your Control Panel Works

Carefully study all the buttons on your control panel to understand which one is used for what. Your goal is to erase previous settings and set new ones for your garage door opener. Usually, these buttons are simple to use, and you will have no problem understanding them.

As we mentioned before, the button you are looking for is one that will help you program the door to open, which means that the label on the button must suggest such an action. Look for a button that has the word “learn code” or “program” on it. Use the user manual if you get stuck somewhere or don’t understand what to do.

Step 3: Start Programming The Buttons

Start Programming The Buttons

When you have understood which buttons you need to use, it’s time to program them. Look for the ‘program’ or ‘learn code’ marked button and press it to start the system reset. Now you’ll need to find arrow buttons. Some models will have separate up and down arrows, while others will have the same button that is used for ‘up’ and ‘down’.

Regardless of the model, you must simultaneously press the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrow buttons and the ‘program’ button and hold it for around 10 seconds to reset the system. You will notice that you have successfully done the reset when the lights will stop flashing. Also, depending on the model, there is a possibility that a beep sound will inform you that the reset was successful.

Step 4: Restore the Default Settings

Restore Settings On Your Car Buttons

Now it’s time to restore the default settings. You will do this by entering the manufacturer’s code on the keypad, which you can find in the device’s manual and is usually three digits long. Enter the number carefully. If you have done this successfully, the LED light on the keypad will light up, after which you need to re-type the manufacturer code.

Then, with the help of the arrow keys, test whether the synchronization of the controller and the garage door was successful. If the door opens, well done, you did the restore successfully.

Get in the car and slowly drive backward. After you have moved away from the garage, stop and try to open your garage doors. By doing this, you will know exactly how far you must be from the garage to activate your garage door opener.

Step 5: Set a New Code

Set a New Code In Your Car

To make sure that your garage door cannot be opened by someone else, it is important to change the default code. Choose a series of numbers that you will easily remember. However, it is recommended that the code is not as simple as “0000”. If someone knows your code, they can easily enter your garage.

Our advice is to set a code based on your date of birth, bank pin, or some simple code that you can easily remember. You don’t need to make it complicated, so you don’t forget it.

Step 6: Press the “Learn Code” Button

Look for the “Learn Code” Button and Press It

One more step and you’re almost finished. Find the garage door opener control box, and search for the “Learn code” or “program” button that is usually located on the back of the device. If the button is not on the back, look around the control box, and you will surely find it. Press the button and wait for it to respond. You will know that everything is ready for programming if the LED light pop up.

Step 7: Connect Your Garage Opener With The Button

Connect Your Garage Opener With The Button

After the LED light on your garage door opener box starts blinking, make sure you reach the car within 30 seconds so you can finish the programming process. After getting into the car, press 3 times the button that you will use to open/close the garage. By doing this, you will connect your car button to the garage door opener.

Note! Before starting this step, position the car as close as possible to the garage door so that the signal can reach the garage door opener.

Step 8: Test The Button You Just Programed

Test Your Garage Door Opener With New Programmed Buttons

After you have finished programming your button, it’s time to test it. Close the garage door, get in the car and drive down the street. Head back towards the house, and when you get close enough to the garage, click the button and see if the garage door starts to open. If they start to open, that’s it. You have successfully programmed your button.

Now that you’ve done that, you can safely store your remote somewhere in the house. The days when you searched for a lost remote control on the car floor in the dark are part of the past!

Step 9: Store the Remote Control In A Safe Place

Store Remote Control In A Safe Place In Your Home

Now that you will no longer need the remote control to open your garage, you can store it in a safe place. However, before storing it, be sure to remove the batteries from it. Situations can always arise in which you may need your remote control. Maybe your child will use it in a few years when he/she gets a driver’s license and his own car. Or you will use the remote if the system you just programmed fails for some reason. Either way, it’s always good to have it.

If you want to see how this process is done, be sure to watch this YouTube video that explains everything in a step-by-step process:

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Can I Program My Garage Door Opener To My Phone?

Yes, it is possible to connect a smartphone to a garage door opener. This can be done by using an app-integrated receiver from the iOS or Google store and downloading it on your phone. However, be sure to check that your phone can support that software.

Can You Get A New Garage Door Opener Remote?

Manufacturers of remote garage door openers predict that a certain number of their clients will need extra devices, so it is possible to look for a new garage door opener remote from the manufacturer. Just contact them and tell them what model you have.

Can I Convert My Garage Door Opener To WIFI?

If your garage door opener is connected to the Internet, you should not have any problems using the WiFi and MyQ system to open and close the door.

Why Do Garage Door Remotes Have 3 Buttons?

Each garage door remote has 3 buttons so that it can perform three functions: open, close, and lock the door. Each function has its own button.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, programming a garage door opener without a remote is a very simple and easy task. It doesn’t take much time and can be done within 10 minutes. If by some chance you get lost in the programming process, you can always use the manual that comes with your device. When programming, it is important to come up with a unique code that will protect your house from intruders who often try to break in through the garage door. Also, when opening the garage door, make sure the car is within range so it can send a signal to the garage door opener to open.

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