Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Good in Winter?

Inflatable hot tubs are becoming an increasingly popular option, and many households want to have them. This is primarily due to their affordable price and flexibility. However, some things must be considered when buying inflatable hot tubs. A lot of people ask questions about its insulation, energy efficiency, and if they can be used during winter times. In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. So, let’s start!

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Good in Winter? Yes, inflatable hot tubs can be used in winter. However, when the outside temperature is below 40°F (4.4°C), it’s hard for the inflatable hot tub to maintain the desired temperature. For an inflatable hot tub to work during cold winter, insulation must be installed to reduce heat loss.

There are a lot of questions regarding inflatable hot tubs and whether they can be used during winter. In most cases, these hot tubs can be used during winter, depending on the model. Usually, inflatable hot tubs are more expensive during winter since the water temperature drops easily, and you need to maintain the desired temperature by using more energy.

Can An Inflatable Hot Tub Be Used In The Winter?

Usually, inflatable hot tubs do not have a blower or a pump, which is why it is hard for them to stay warm during winter. The water may be warm, but not warm enough for the proper functioning of the hot tub. Therefore, it is recommended to remove your hot tub if temperatures go below 40°F (4.4°C).

The plastic walls of the inflatable hot tub make it harder to stay warm and maintain the temperature. Also, they are prone to damage during winter time.

Keep in mind that water stays hot when pumps pump the water through the heater; if you have jets on, they cannot do it. If you use the jets a lot, your hot tub will have problems staying hot, and during winter, it will not be hot enough to use it.

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This hot tub user explains how he uses his inflatable hot tub during winter.

We recommend storing your inflatable hot tub if you live in a place where winters are very cold. If you can, move your hot tub somewhere indoors, but if not, it is best to deflate it. Here is how to do it:

1. Turn the Power Off

The first step is to turn off the heater. After doing that, you should disconnect the hot tub so that it has no remaining power.

2. Drain the Water From Your Hot Tub

Next is to drain your hot tub. You need to be careful when choosing where you will pour the water from it since the chemicals in it are dangerous.

3. Clean The Filters

You should remove the filters from your hot tub and clean it with a cleaning tool like Power Soak or other types. Next, make sure to properly clean the filter basket.

4. Empty All The Water From The Plumbing

If you have drainage plugs in the pump, you should open them and drain them out. It is also important to remove water from the jet plumping by drying it yourself or using a shop vac to remove it.

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How Cold is Too Cold For an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Inflatable Hot Tub during winter

If you live in a place where winters are not very cold and where it rarely snows, you should not have problems with a hot tub. It is risky to leave a hot tub outside if the temperature is mostly below 40F, but if it is not, you can easily leave it there and just cover it. The only thing you need to check often is the water because it can freeze and damage your hot tub.

The material from which an inflatable hot tub is made is not as flexible during winter as when it is warm. That is why it is easier for it to be damaged. To avoid any damage, you should turn on the water heater as soon as temperatures go below 40F. If the temperature stays longer, you should deflate your hot tub.

Keeping it working during winter may result in frozen pipes and pumps, especially if the weather is windy too. Even if you turn on the heater, it may not be enough to keep the water warm, especially if you live in parts of the US and Canada where winters are very cold.

How Important Is Insulation Under an Inflatable Hot Tub?

It is very important to have proper insulation under your inflatable hot tub. You need to do that because your hot tub will transmit the heat onto the ground. Otherwise, according to the law of thermodynamics, heat moves from a warmer body to a colder body until the temperatures become equal. Insulation would slow this transfer of heat.

If you did not get the insulation mat with your hot tub, you could find an alternative in a kid’s puzzle mat. They are not expensive and are great for use this way. You can also use a foam core board. This is also cheap; you can find it in almost every department store. The vapor barrier it creates will maintain the heat away from the ground.

Decks, on the other hand, do not insulate well enough, and it is questionable if they can hold such weight that a full inflatable hot tub has.

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What Is The Cost To Run Inflatable Hot Tubs During Winter?

The cost to run an inflatable hot tub during winter

Depending on how harsh the winter in your state is and how long it lasts, it may be more expensive to run an inflatable hot tub during winter. Usually, the electricity costs to run an inflatable hot tub during winter are between $20 to $40 per month. Because you may need to let your hot tub run for longer during winter so that the water does not freeze, the costs may be higher.

You may think that turning off the hot tub during winter may save you some money, but that is not true. It costs less to heat your hot tub to a temperature that you like and then keep it at the desired temperature when you decide to switch on the hot tub. This may cause your heat and electricity bills to skyrocket.

Here are the steps that can save you money:

1. Adjust Your Hot Tub Filter Cycle

You can save money by setting your hot tub’s filter to start working during hours when the electricity is the cheapest – also known as off-hours. This is usually during the night when fewer people actually use electricity. By doing this, you will pay less for every unit of energy.

2. Lower The Hot Tub Water Temperature

By lowering the water temperature, you will also save some money. People usually tend to have their hot tubs at around 105°, but you can easily reduce the heat by a few degrees. The acceptable temperature is also 95°, and if you put your hot tub at that temperature instead of 105°, you can save around $12 every month.

3. Buy A Thermal Blanket

You can also buy a thermal blanket for your hot tub so that it can keep the heat from the hot tub inside. By using it, you can reduce the temperature, and your hot tub will still stay hot. There are some blankets that you can cut to adjust the size. They are designed to float and can be found at reasonable prices.

How Hot Should Inflatable Hot Tub Be In Winter?

Temperature for a hot tub in winter

If you want to be safe about your hot tub, you will not run it when temperatures are lower than 40F and higher than 104F. In between these temperatures, a hot tub functions normally. It could last in temperatures that are not there, but it may be dangerous and harmful to the human body.

During winter, if temperatures are above 40F, your hot tub will function normally and keep whichever temperature you need. If it is colder, it will not be able to function that well. There will struggle to keep the set temperature. For the best results, make sure that the lid is on when you do not use your hot tub and use an insulated ground cloth.

To be able to use your hot tub during winter in peace, you may shield it from the outside snow, ice or wind. You can build a shelter around it or put it somewhere inside. By doing this, you will know that you do not have to worry about your hot tub being damaged by the outside weather.

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Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Expensive To Run?

If you want your inflatable hot tub to remain warm, you will need to keep your heater running. Sometimes it will take more power to keep your hot tub warm because of its size or the outside temperature. Usually, hot tubs use around 1300 W, but it can be even more, depending on the model. On a monthly basis, it costs around $60 to run a hot tub.

The inflatable hot tub is less insulated than a regular one, so it uses more energy (up to 30%). This also depends on many factors like weather, climate, season, or size of the hot tub. During winter, your bill will be even higher than usual. If you decide to use your hot tub during the winter months, your electricity bill may increase by around $100. This is because the inflatable hot tub will use more power to maintain the temperature.

Final Thoughts

Using a hot tub during cold winter months may sound good, but it can also be dangerous for your inflatable hot tub and for your wallet. If you decide to use your inflatable hot tub in winter, you will spend more energy on heating the water, which will increase your electricity bill. Temperatures lower than 40F may also damage your hot tub, as well as ice, snow, and cold wind.

If you want to save some money and not damage your hot tub, you should think twice before keeping your hot tub working during the winter months. If you do use it, it is best to use an insulation ground mat and cover it. I hope that this article has helped you.

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