How Much Power (Electricity) Does a Toaster Use?

Together with clothing irons, toasters are one of the most popular household appliances. People love toasters so much because they can be used to make fast tasty meals in just a few minutes. Another reason why people also opt for toasters is that they are easy to use, clean, and maintain. However, the question that some people may ask is how much power do toasters really use? If you are like me, you will surely be surprised by this answer. Let’s find out!

So How Much Power (Electricity) Does a Toaster Use? Typically, toasters use between 800W to 1,500W, while the average household toaster uses around 1200 watts. Toasting 6 slices of bread will take about 12 minutes, which equals 7.2 kW of energy per month. At the average price of 11 cents per kWh, this will cost us around $0.01 or $0.93 for a month.

Keep in mind that there are two types of toasters that you will find on the market: 2-slice bread toasters and 4-slice bread toasters. 2-slice toasters usually consume around 700W to 1100W, while the average power consumption is about 900 watts. On the other hand, 4-slice toasters consume between 1100W to 2500W, while the average power consumption is about 1500 watts.

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In short, toasters convert electrical energy to heat. When you look at the wires of a toaster and see that they have turned red, it means that electricity is flowing through the wires. If you want to know how much power your toaster use, you can easily check it on its energy rating label. Here is an example of some popular toasters and how much power do they use:

Toaster ModelPower (Watts)Electricity Price
Bakery Artisan Toaster Cuisinart900 Watts$0.11
Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster1,500 Watts$0.19
DASH Clear View Toaster1,100 Watts$0.14
R180 Toaster Revolution Cooking950 Watts$0.12
2-Slice Toaster SMEG1,500 Watts$0.19
Table: Keep in mind that power consumption refers to a full hour of toaster use.

It is important to point out that using a toaster at your home is the most eco-friendly and the cheapest and fastest way to make a good and healthy meal. You can also make toast on your stove or oven, but it is more time-consuming and requires more electricity than a regular toaster. That is why owning a toaster is a great investment.

Difference In Power Between 2-Slice Vs 4-Slice Toaster

The main difference between 2-Slice vs 4-Slice toasters

If you have a larger family and everybody likes their bread toasted, a 4-slice toaster is a better option. However, keep in mind that 4-slice toasters use more power than 2-slice models, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs if you want to reduce energy consumption in your home.

2-slice toasters usually consume between 700 W to 1100 W, while the average rating power is about 900 W. On the other hand, 4-slice toasters are stronger and larger, so their average power is around 1500 W (depending on the model). Toasters are more energy-efficient appliances than an oven. That is because they only need to heat a small space (and volume), and that way, they consume less energy.

To understand this even better, here are examples of 2-Slice and 4-Slice toasters and their comparison in power and electricity price:

2-Slice toaster power consumption:

Toasting Time900 W950 W1,000 W1,050 W
30 sec0.22 cents0.23 cents0.24 cents0.25 cents
1 min0.43 cents0.45 cents0.48 cents0.50 cents
2 min0.86 cents0.91 cents0.96 cents1.01 cents
3 min1.29 cents1.36 cents1.44 cents1.51 cents
4 min1.72 cents1.82 cents1.91 cents2.01 cents
5 min2.15 cents2.27 cents2.39 cents2.51 cents
Annual Cost:$4.71$4.96$5.26$5.51
Table: Electricity Cost of 2-Slice Toaster (By Time and Wattage of Toaster)

4-Slice toaster power consumption:

Toasting Time1,500 W1,700 W2,000 W2,300 W
30 sec0.36 cents0.41 cents0.48 cents0.55 cents
1 min0.72 cents0.81 cents0.96 cents1.1 cents
2 min1.44 cents1.63 cents1.91 cents2.2 cents
3 min2.15 cents2.44 cents2.87 cents3.3 cents
4 min2.87 cents3.25 cents3.83 cents4.4 cents
5 min3.59 cents4.07 cents4.78 cents5.5 cents
Annual Cost:$7.68$8.90$10.48$12.04
Table: Electricity Cost of 4-Slice Toaster (By Time and Wattage of Toaster)

How To Calculate Power Consumption Of a Toaster?

Power consumption calculation of a Toaster

As we have already mentioned, Toaster ovens require more energy than a regular toaster, which is around 1200 watts. However, some models can even use as much as 1700 W. If you want to calculate how much energy your toaster oven uses, you can use the same formula for normal toasters and that is: Watts (W) x number of hours (t) divided by 1000.

People usually like to use toaster ovens more than regular toasters because they are bigger and can store more food. If you use your toaster oven for 30 minutes (0.5 hours) a day, this is what the formula will look like:

1200 watts x 0.5 hours = 600 Watt-hours / 1,000 = 0.6 kWh daily

If we take that the average price of electricity is 11 cents for 1 kWh, then we’ll get that for a 30-minute toaster oven use, you will spend $0.07 daily, $2.34 monthly, and $28.08 per year.

Measure the Power Consumption of a Toaster

An accurate way to measure the power of a Toaster

Kill A Watt Meter is a device that can be used to measure the power consumption of any electrical device in your home, including a toaster. If you want to know how much power your toaster uses, this is the most accurate way to find out. You can buy Kill A Watt Meter on Amazon, and they are usually very affordable. To use it, you need to plug it into an electric outlet and then plug your toaster into the device. It will measure all of the electricity that goes through the outlet.

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How Much Energy (Watts) Does a Toaster Use?

Every kitchen consists of a few small electrical appliances, which consume little power, but still, if you use them regularly, the amount of energy is not negligible. However, you can use a simple formula to calculate its power: watts (W) = volts (V) x amperes (A).

An average toaster uses around 1.2 kWh of energy during its use, which is around $0.14 (with the average electricity price of 11 cents per 1 kWh). The toaster works by using electricity which then converts the electrical energy into heat by using an element that is made out of nichrome.

Keep in mind that toasters and toaster ovens are not electrical appliances that use the most energy in your kitchen. That place goes to refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. You can also see the low power usage from the Energy Star label that is given to the kitchen appliances that do not use much electricity. That label represents appliances that save energy.

Ways To Save Energy When Buying A Toaster

Save energy by buying high-efficiency toaster

1. Avoid Toasters With Long Slots

Toasters that have wide and long slots are meant to be used for pastries that are longer (home-baked bread, artisan bread slices, English muffins) and those slots use more electricity. If you are not planning to toast long pastries at all or not regularly, you will save money by buying a toaster with regular-sized slots for bread. When using a toaster with longer slots for regular-sized bread slices, you will waste energy and money because the toaster will also heat empty space.

2. Four-Slice Toaster With Dual Controls

Some higher-quality 4-slice toaster models have an option where you can switch off half of the panel if you are not using it. You can also use two different modes of toasting at the same time so that you do not have to turn on the toaster twice. With this option, every part of the toaster is used. If your 4-slice toaster does not have this option, it may waste energy from time to time when you decide not to toast 4 slices of bread.

3. Try To Avoid Toasters With LED Indicators

You will probably notice that newer toasters have built-in LED indicators. They are used for indicating when the pastry is ready for serving. Even though these LED lights do not use much energy, you will start noticing changes in your electricity bill if you leave them on constantly. One light can use as much energy for one year as half of what one toaster would use for the same time. To save money and power, avoid toasters with LED indicators or switch them off when you buy your toaster.

4. Buy A Toaster With A Covered Top

When you toast pastry, hot air rises from the inside of a toaster. If the toaster does not have a covered top, the air will usually go into the kitchen, and you will need more electricity to keep it hot. If your toaster has a covered top, the heat will stay inside the toaster, and you will consume less energy. It saves both time and electricity.

Does A Toaster Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Usually, a 2-slice toaster uses around 850 W, while a wide-slot and “high-power” toaster can use additional 300 watts more. However, a 4-slice toaster is bigger and stronger and therefore needs more energy. Its electrical consumption is around 1400 to 2300 W. The electricity consumption is expressed in kWh. The average price per 1 kWh in the United States is around 11 cents.

Power Efficiency: Toaster vs Toaster Ovens

Power consumption comparation between Toaster vs Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens can be used for various stuff and can be more practical than normal toasters. They are very useful, but the question to ask is: do they save power when we compare them with regular toasters? Usually, they do! When you want to warm up snacks and smaller meals, toaster ovens will come in handy, and it will be much more efficient to use them than regular ovens.

Regular ovens need more time to heat food than a toaster oven needs, and they use 3 times more power for heating up than a toaster oven. Microwave ovens are sometimes even better than both regular and toaster ovens, but the problem is that they are not good for every type of food, especially bread. The best is to use both for the meals they are suitable for.

How Much Power Does A Toaster Use In An Hour?

Toaster power usage per one hour

For 1 hour of use, a regular toaster uses around 0.9 kWh of energy. This will cost you 12 cents. The modern toaster can use between 800 to 1500 W of power and it usually toasts one slice of bread in 1 to 3 minutes.

The cost that your toaster use per hour can depend on the humidity in your bread, toaster wattage, kitchen temperature, and other factors as well. Typically, the cost of a toaster can range from a cent to 13 cents per hour. However, the lower your toaster’s wattage, the lower the cost.

This is how you can calculate the power consumption of a toaster:

  • Toaster’s electricity is calculated in kilowatt-hours (kWh). 1 kWh = 1,000 Watts / hour.
  • A toaster that has a power of 1 kW, consumes 1 kWh in 1 hour. 1 kWh costs around $0.11
  • Energy = power x time. So 3 kW x 3 hours = 9 kWh.

Buy An Energy-Efficient Toaster To Save Energy

Mostly, regular toasters use around 900 W per hour, which is equal to around 25 kWh for an entire year. It is important to find a toaster that has very good quality and that is also durable because you can always find a toaster than will use less energy. However, this will not mean much if your toaster stops working after a few months. You will save money but then lose it again when you need to buy a new toaster.

Also, when you need to buy a new toaster after a few months and even multiple times, you will waste energy for transportation and disposal. That is why you should focus on finding a reliable toaster that has s longer warranty period. Here is an interesting video that you can watch to learn more about.

How To Find Wattage Label On Your Toaster?

You can find the wattage label on your toaster on its plug and the toaster also (mostly underneath). The number that has W (watts) next to it is the number you are looking for. If it says Wh (watt-hour), that means how much your toaster uses per hour.

Also, be sure to read How Much Power (Watts) Does a Mixer Grinder Use? You might be surprised!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this article I believe you know a lot more about toasters and their power consumption than most people. Now all you have to do is to find a good-quality toaster that will be a good match for your needs. Considering all of the things said above, you are good to go!

It is the simplest and maybe the best to check the wattage of the toaster that you are buying to make sure that you are choosing a good one. If it has fewer watts, that means that it uses less energy. When you go to buy a toaster, check the wattage and choose an eco- and wallet-friendly one but make sure that it is also made out of good-quality materials and that it is durable!

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