How to Lock a Bathroom Door Without a Lock?

When you live in a household with multiple family members and the bathroom doors cannot be locked, things can be a little bit awkward. No one likes to be distracted while using the bathroom. Clearly, the simplest solution is to buy a new lock or replace an old one that is not working. However, this isn’t always possible, so you need to find another solution. In this article, we’ll talk about methods that you can use to lock the bathroom doors without a lock. So, let’s start! 

How to Lock a Bathroom Door Without a Lock? To lock a bathroom door without a lock, the recommended tools that you can use are a serrated bar, transportable lock, two-door wedges, door jammer, or a home chair. With the help of these items, you will successfully lock the bathroom door, and no one will be able to enter them.

To find the best solution on how to lock bathroom doors, you have to improvise. I personally first searched the garage to find a tool that might be useful. I tried a few options, figuring out which approach works best. Below I bring you an overview of methods that may be useful if you want to ensure privacy in your bathroom in situations where you can’t lock your doors.

Summary of locking methods that you can use to lock your bathroom door:

Locking MethodSecurityInstallation Cost
1. Temporary Door LockMiddleLow cost
2. Serrated BarExtra strongMiddle cost
3. Use ForkLowLow cost
4. Door JammerStrongLow cost
5. Two Door WedgesStrongLow cost
5 methods to lock a bathroom door without a lock

Here are the most common methods how to lock a bathroom door without a lock you can use for this:

1. Temporary Door Lock

Locking Bathroom doors with temporary door lock

A temporary door lock is a great option for locking the bathroom doors. You can install and remove it whenever you want, before and after using the bathroom. With this type of lock, you will easily, quickly, and successfully lock the bathroom during use. There are different types of these locks, and each one of them can be used for your bathroom doors.

I personally recommend Adalock. It is an affordable model that is very easy to use. This door lock doesn’t require assembly, you just need to attach it to the door and remove it when you are done. Also, you can easily find it on Amazon. Its main purpose is to be used on doors that cannot be locked and work by holding the door handle firmly in one position.

This model can be easily used on trips, in motels, and in hotels. Also, a temporary door lock will give you security, and you don’t have to worry about someone getting into your bathroom while you’re inside. I recently noticed that this model can be found in even thicker versions which is a great choice. Be sure to ask your retailer about this option if you are buying in-store items, not online.

We suggest you make a few things before you start buying the lock:

  1. Try a quarter coin between the door frame and the door itself at a non-functioning lock point.
  2. When the latch is where it needs to be for fixing the Addalock, open the door and push the handle for pulling back the latch. Then observe if it retreats right into the door. There are older locks that sometimes do not retract in the direction of the door all the way. If that is the case, a little part that sticks out possibly will grab the system’s hole and make it hard to release.

2. Serrated Bar

Lock bathroom doors by using a serrated bar

I have one serrated bar installed, and I use it for locking the doors at my home. It is a small device that is made of two pieces. It consists of a serrated bar that slides in only one direction through the housing. Housing has a spring-loaded release button.

Just looking at this bar, you can see how its right corner is bent and that it is a great match for the strike plate. I remember that serrated bars were in high demand among those who like to travel a lot and sleep in motels. The price for this item is very affordable. Serrated bars can be purchased for only $15 at Home Depot. Keep in mind that you can fill the screws holes by using putty in case it is needed.

3. Use Fork

While using a fork is definetly not a long-term solution, it will certainly be effective as a quick-fix solution for those who want to keep others out of the bathroom. I’m talking about an ordinary fork that can be bought anywhere for only 20 cents, and that will do a great job. Just follow my step-by-step instructions, and you will quickly learn how to lock your doors with a fork.

Here is a step-by-step guide that you need to follow to lock bathroom doors by using a fork:

  • Step 1: Buy a fork with prongs between 1 and 3/4 inches, such as this one.
Find a good and strong fork

It will also be good if the fork handles are taper like this:

Handle needs to be taper like this
  • Step 2: First, put the fork into the latch hole. After, make a marked line down the prongs using a permanent marker. That’s how you will know how deep is the latch hole.
The proper way how to use a fork in a latch hole
  • Step 3: In that manner stick the fork in an intended vise. Look at the mark that you made alien the prongs. They will point you were in the vise to put the fork. The right spot is above 1/8 inch out of marking.
Use a vise to stick the fork
  • Step 4: Take the hammer, and bend the prongs in an angle position at a 90-degree, like this:
Use Hammer to bend the fork
  • Step 5: Next step is to cut off the handle. Make sure it is close to here. That’s it!

Here you can look at the finished product. Basically, you have a handle that can now slide into the slot perfectly. If it is a little snug, that is not bad at all. Another way is to try to use a file or a grinder. Be sure to file the edges until they fit perfectly in the slot.

Here’s How You Can Do This:

Step 1: Just take the prongs of the fork and insert them in the latch hole. Make sure they look like this:

Using a bent fork to lock bathroom doors

Step 2: Then gently shut the door and put a handle through the fork slot.

Lock the doors by fork

You are done! That’s how you will perfectly lock the door in the bathroom from the inside.

4. Door Jammer

Using a door jammer to lock bathroom doors

My girlfriend has just moved into a new apartment and had a problem with a bathroom lock. Even if she locks the door, her roommate would have no trouble getting into the bathroom if she wanted to. Together we went to the hardware shop to find something that would help us solve this problem.

In the end, we bought this product. However, the design of this item did not impress me at all. The door jammer has an adjustable height, so it can be used to block the doorknob. After you put the snug under the door, no one will be able to enter the room! The best thing is to replace the pin from the piece on top with a durable steel bolt and then place it at the desired height.

Push again your way in. You will notice that it has an easy and robust mod. Do not forget to put the foot of the stopper 12 inches in length from the base. (recommendation is 15 to 18 inches but never mind that). 

This is important because you need to create an angle of a 90-degree when you are looking for stability and strength. Keep in mind that you do not need any tools for this! Just put firmly the bar in length by using the easy release button. Prop it under the nob of the door, and modified fast as needed.

5. Two Door Wedges

Two Door Wedges to lock bathroom doors

Rubber door wedges can also be used to lock the bathroom doors. I personally used this method when I was in college. I shared a house with a roommate who didn’t respect my privacy in the bathroom. Of course, we could not lock the bathroom. I’m talking about plain, solid doorstops from rubber. 

Since most homes have wooden floors, door wedges are a great solution for temporary locking. They just need to be placed right next to the door after they are closed. Door wedges are also a good choice because they do not destroy surfaces, and you will feel their effect even more if you have a doormat in the bathroom. 

Keep in mind that these are items that are larger than ordinary stops. Door wedges that we recommend have an excellent anti-slip foundation and are durable. With them, you can be sure that no one can break into your bathroom. Using door wedges can leave marks on the floor, but it is less damage you can afford.

6. Using Chair

By using the chair, you can block the bathroom door

The last method you can use is perhaps the simplest of them all. Therefore, if you want to lock the bathroom door from the inside successfully, place the chair under the handle. Surely you know what I’m talking about, it’s a move that’s constantly seen in series and movies. Below I will help you explain how to do this properly.

Obviously, you need a chair first. Not just any chair, but a chair with the right size to fit under the door handle. If the chair is too big, it will not function as a lever, and if it is smaller than it should be, it will not even be able to reach the handle to block the doors from opening.

When you find a suitable chair in your home, place it so that it rests on its hind legs and place the back of the chair under the handle. If you do this properly, the back of the chair will block any attempt and create the perfect barricade. Following the example of this move, you can jam the door with a broom. Even a broom placed under the handle will be quite a blockage that will prevent anyone from entering your bathroom. Except maybe the Hulk.

The security bar can also successfully lock the bathroom door. It should only be used on the same principle as a chair or broom. Place it on the floor at the appropriate angle under the handle.

The angle created by the object placed under the handle prevents the door from opening. Also, the option is to use the outswing security bar for doors. It is used differently. It needs to be placed parallel to the floor and pushed against the door. When one of your family members tries to enter the bathroom, the bar will get stuck on the edge of the door, and it will not be able to open. However, this type of bar makes it much more difficult to unlock and lock the door.

To summarize it all here is a great Youtube video that shows all of these methods:

Also for those who want to learn more, be sure to read Is It Okay To Pee In A Sink? Explained.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gone through the entire article, you can see six ways how you can successfully lock a bathroom door without a lock. We believe that we have provided you with helpful information, which you can now use to lock your doors. If you have a question related to this topic, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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