How To Quiet A Noisy Air Conditioner? 9 Easy Ways

During the hot summer months, the cool comfort provided by an air conditioner is something you should appreciate. A single AC unit can convert a typically intolerable morning into a very pleasant and relaxing one. Therefore, it is very difficult to ignore all the advantages of an air conditioner.

However, air conditioning units can sometimes become exceptionally noisy. These devices can be so loud that it distracts you from everything else. So, what’s the solution for quieting a noisy air conditioner? In this article, we’ll talk about this. So, let’s start!

How To Quiet A Noisy Air Conditioner? To quiet a noisy air conditioner, consider wrapping a noise-dampening blanket around the compressor. Constructing a barrier around the unit could also help muffle the sound. Furthermore, ensure that the fan and the cover on top of the unit are clean and secure, as they could be sources of noise.

Usually, there are a lot of things that can cause your AC unit to make a loud noise. Each of these factors is not typically related to the other. Therefore, in order to solve this issue, it is necessary to determine exactly what type of noise it creates and how to solve it. In this article, we’ll explain how to do this and what you need to do.

Check These Things First Before Fixing Noisy Air Conditioner

What’s the Air Conditioner Model?

The first step is to identify the type of air conditioner model you have. Do you have an HVAC system or typically a wall AC unit? Generally, the larger and noisier ACs are usually HVAC systems, primarily due to their sizable compressors. The model type will help you to fix this issue much faster.

How Old Air Conditioner Do You Have?

The second thing you need to do is to check how old your AC unit is. As these units age, they tend to become louder and are prone to more issues as various components start to wear out or become loose. Investing in a new one might be a better idea if your unit is significantly old. Fixing the old one may not solve the problem.

What Kind of Sound Does An AC Unit Produce?

Not all noises that are coming from an air conditioner produce identical sounds. It could be a loud thud, a hiss, a rattle, or even a dripping sound. While each type of these noises can be quite annoying, they all stem from different issues and require different solutions.

Is the Air Conditioner Operating Efficiently?

You should also check whether your air conditioner is functioning normally. If it’s working fine, your focus should be on finding a noise-reduction solution. However, if there are noticeable performance issues, it would be wise to address these first, as resolving them might simultaneously solve the noise problem.

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9 Tips On How To Quiet A Noisy Air Conditioner 

Below, we’ll go through nine possible ways to quiet your air conditioner.

1. Get A Soundproof Blanket for the Compressor

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A common and efficient way to reduce the noise an air conditioner produces is by acquiring a soundproof blanket. These blankets are made specifically for bigger HVAC systems which are designed to fit perfectly around the AC compressor, which is usually the primary source of the noise.

You might have concerns about the blanket affecting the unit’s circulation or operation, but rest assured, as long as the blanket is placed correctly, it won’t have any bad impact on your AC unit.

2. Make Sure Your AC Unit Is On Solid Surface

Occasionally, the major cause of the noise from an air conditioner is the uneven or unstable surface on which the unit sits. A unit can create louder sounds if the ground is not flat.

Therefore, it’s recommended to position your AC unit on a solid and stable surface. For example, install it on a level concrete slab, and consider adding some padding so it can absorb any vibrations.

3. Consider Repositioning the Air Conditioner

If the noise issue persists, consider moving your air conditioner to a new location. This is especially good if the unit is installed outside, away from your window. If the process of moving the system is acceptable to you without any additional costs or difficulties, it’s worth doing it.

4. Look For Any Loose Screws On Your AC Unit

If you have loose screws on the air conditioning unit, it might be the reason why your AC produces loud noise (this is especially the case in HVAC systems). 

To fix this issue, try to tighten the screws, substitute washers, and ensure the top cover is secure. An effective way to pinpoint this as the noise source is by placing your hand firmly on the AC. If no sound is heard after that, then you have solved the problem.

5. Get An Soundproof Enclosure

A great way to reduce the noise from an air conditioner while also improving its appearance involves building enclosures for your AC unit and HVAC system. This method not only improves but it also helps reduce noise and prevent the AC unit from being visually unappealing.

Try to use quality materials that don’t easily vibrate. It’s also important to ensure that there is enough space between your air conditioner and the soundproof enclosure in order not to reduce ventilation. Wrapping your enclosure with mass-loaded vinyl could further decrease noise levels.

6. Enhance Your Home’s Soundproofing

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You can take advantage of the annoying loud noise from your AC unit to improve your home’s soundproofing. After all, the air conditioner’s noise can be quite irritating, but it’s probably not the only external noise you have to deal with.

Soundproofing improvements can be made on a very low budget, so be sure to improve the soundproofing within your home.

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7. Clean AC Air Filters and Blades 

Another reason why an AC unit can make loud noise is unmaintained air filters and dirty blades. For this reason, it is very important to do regular maintenance and cleaning, especially for the HVAC system, which includes ensuring moving parts are lubricated and fans are clean. Ensure you thoroughly vacuum your brush and blades to keep the air conditioner running more quietly.

8. Replace The AC Unit With A Quieter One

Although this might be the last and most expensive solution we recommend, you can always decide to buy a newer and quieter air conditioner. However, this is only recommended if you have a fairly old air conditioner that needs to be replaced.

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If this is the case, then be prepared to get a new one. Older AC units tend to consume more electricity compared to newer, quieter, and energy-efficient models. Therefore, get a new AC unit if you want to save on electricity.

9. Call A Professional To Help Fix The Issue

Although you are a person who likes to take things into your own hands and fix them, some problems need a professional touch. If you can’t quieten your noisy air conditioner and it’s making you crazy, think about bringing in a specialist.

An expert can pinpoint the issue and propose a range of solutions. Although it might cost more upfront, it is more likely that you will solve your issue by hiring him.

If you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to watch this youtube video:

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Typical Air Conditioner Noises

Loud Banging

If you notice a loud noise from your air conditioner, it usually indicates a broken component or some debris. This noise is likely caused by the piece hitting the unit’s walls. Use the smartphone flashlight to lighten the inside of the air conditioner and look at what’s going on.

Rattling Noise

A rattling noise could result from various things, such as loose screws to tiny debris moving around the AC system. Attempting to tighten screws, swap out washers, and clean the unit inside out could solve this issue.

Squealing Sounds

In addition to loud noise, the air conditioner can also produce a loud hiss and screaming sound, to which you should pay attention. If you notice that, there’s a real reason for concern. Often these noises indicate a problem with the compressor. In this case, turning off your AC unit and examining it if you observe these disturbing sounds is recommended.

Loud Buzzing

Hearing a loud sound (buzzing) usually suggests that some wires are loose or possibly an issue with the blower motor. It’s recommended to scrutinize the unit more closely to pinpoint the exact spot where the noise is coming from and try to fix it.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dealing with a loud air conditioner doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. By simply using a soundproof blanket, creating a protective enclosure, or even cleaning and tightening various parts can greatly reduce the disruptive noise.

If these actions don’t give any results, consider to soundproof your home or move the AC unit to another location. Ultimately, if the air conditioner is old and still excessively noisy, an upgrade to a newer, quieter model may be the best solution, offering you comfort and peace in your home. I hope this article has helped you, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to comment below.

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