Where to Put The Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom?

If you have a small bathroom in your house, you know how challenging it can be to put the toilet paper holder in it. However, this problem can be solved if you have a little bit of creativity. Today, this problem can often occur in many bathrooms, so do not think that there are no solutions and methods for this. When you find yourself in a situation where your contractor asks you where you want to put the toilet paper holder, you will know what to tell him. So, let’s get started with the ideas!

So Where to Put The Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom? Even a small bathroom has plenty of options where you can put the toilet paper holder. The most common options are from mounted holders to free-standing toilet paper holders.

One of the rules when installing a toilet paper holder in your bathroom is to be within the reach distance of the toilet bowl. Remember that no one wants to stand up and walk to grab the toilet paper while he is on the toilet. First of all, it is disgusting and unhygienic, and by no means is it an option you should have in the foreground.

If you have a normal size bathroom, the toilet paper holder would typically be installed on the wall right next to the toilet bowl.  According to Lowes experts, they say: “A basic rule is that the toilet paper holder is placed approximately 26 inches above the floor.”

Therefore, if you have a lot of space available, you will not have a problem with where to place your toilet paper holder. However, if you have a very small bathroom and don’t have an adjoining wall or cabinetry to mount your toilet paper holder, don’t fear! Here we’ll present you with a few options that you can use to solve this issue.

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10 Toilet Paper Holder Options for Small Bathrooms

1. iDesign Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

If you have never heard of the iDesign toilet paper holder, then you should know that it is very popular on Amazon. It comes with a toilet paper holder and storage for a really cheap price. As this is a freestanding option, it can fit really well in any bathroom regardless of size, and you can place it anywhere you like.

2. MallBoo Toilet Storage Rack

The Mallboo toilet paper holder is a vertical solution that can fit perfectly in small bathrooms. It comes with a simple design that looks great, where you can add extra rolls in case you need them. That way you don’t need to worry to run out of toilet paper. If you ask me, this is a good and very affordable option.

3. iDesign Orbinni Toilet Tissue Paper Holder

Another great toilet paper holder option from iDesign is Orbinni. This model you can place anywhere, even when it comes to small bathrooms. It has a stylish and practical look that fits everywhere. A lot of users on the forum praise this model because it fits perfectly in small bathrooms when there is a lack of options.

4. Shelf Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder

The shelf wall mount toilet paper holder doesn’t require you to drill your bathroom walls to mount it. Instead, it comes with a strong glue that you just place to the wall and it holds. Some reviewers told on Reddit that it has a super-strong tape which holds great. Ultimately, it does the job perfectly, especially for small bathrooms.

5. Toilet Tissue Organizer (Over the Tank)

This option requires the user to lift the tank lid in order to secure the toilet paper holder. You just need to reach backward in order to reach the toilet paper. This option is best when it comes to micro bathrooms. Another great thing about this is the clearance at the side of your toilet.

6. Metal/Wire Basket With Montanez Twist Rectangle

Although you could easily put paper rolls above the toilet (on the top of the tank), there is a better solution. A metal or wire basket is a better solution because it gives a more deliberate design to it. By using a basket, you will have much more space to put your toilet rolls where they can fit perfectly. Therefore, you’ll not be wrong if you opt for this option.

7. Yamazaki Toilet Paper Stocker

For people who prefer closed storage, the Yamazaki toilet paper stocker is a great option for you. This is a small cabinet that place rolls into a little hole at the bottom. Small and limited bathrooms are a great option for this.

8. Seagrass Paper Holder

The seagrass paper holder is a rattan and abaca basket that comes in four different colors. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom, one of these four color options will look great in your bathroom. Also, we need to mention that this model has a toilet paper holder and a toilet paper dispenser in one. Isn’t that great!

9. Bathroom Storage Cart

A storage cart is exactly what you need if you have a small bathroom. This cart is small enough so you can tuck it into the narrowest spot. By this, you can easily fill the gap between your toilet and vanity in your bathroom. So if you like this design, you have nothing to wait for but to take it.

10. Floor stands

A freestanding toilet paper holder is also a great option for every bathroom. This stainless free-standing toilet paper holder can hold up to 5 rolls of toilet paper. That way you don’t need to worry about that you run out of rolls. It is very suitable for installation in the bathroom corners where the bathtub meets the wall.

If you are creative, you can try to do it yourself (DIY). Here is a great Youtube video that shows exactly that.

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Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve gone through many examples of how you can add a toilet paper holder in a small bathroom, you should no longer have a problem with that. You may also have noticed that with a little imagination and creativity, almost anything is possible. Remember, it’s all about how you use your space. I hope that this article has helped you and that you will have no problem placing your toilet paper holder in your small space. Good luck!

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