Can A Mobile Home Have A Basement?

If you own a mobile home, you probably wondered if it is possible to add a basement underneath it. Although you won’t often see this, there are mobile homes that have a basement. However, this is not always possible. Adding a basement underneath a mobile home can give you a lot of benefits. In this article, we’ll explain this in more detail. So, let’s start!

Can You Put A Basement Under A Mobile Home? Yes, a basement can be added under a mobile home. However, this depends on building codes in your area. Professionals recommend adding a basement before installing a mobile home, although it can be added even to an existing one. In this case, it is necessary to raise the home during construction.

Now that we have gone through the basics and explained how the basement could be placed under a mobile home, some other things also require attention, and we will cover them in the next chapters. Also, the building process can sometimes be complicated, so you must be prepared.

Things to Consider Before Adding A Basement to A Mobile Home

Adding a basement to a mobile home is a very demanding and complex job. So don’t expect to be able to do it yourself. We advise you to contact professionals so that they can offer you the best possible solution and do the job for you. There are two ways how this can be done.

The first way is to build a basement on an existing mobile home, and the second method is to build a basement and then add the mobile home. Because, after all, safety is the most important thing. Each of these methods we’ll explain below. So make sure to stay with us.

1. Build a Basement and Then Add A Mobile Home

The method that we recommend is to first build a basement and then add a mobile home. This will make the process of adding a basement much easier. Another benefit is that you will have much more freedom during the construction process.

However, if you do not own a mobile home, keep in mind that you can purchase a specially built mobile home that already has ready-made frames for the basement. That way, your mobile home will be much better quality and more durable. What you need to pay attention to when building a basement is to place another additional entrance to it.

2. Build a Basement On An Already Built Mobile Home

This method is a little more complex than the previous one. If you already have a mobile home, you will need to remove it from the spot to make room for an excavator so that a hole could be dug. This process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. After the concrete and everything hardens, you will be able to come back, and live in the mobile home again. Here are the basic steps how this process looks like:

  • Turn off the mobile home electricity and utilities.
  • Place the mobile home on metal framings (stilts) by lifting it first.
  • The next step is to dig a ramp and dig the basement.
  • Make a plan for where you will install the doors for your basement. Some mobile homes have access from the inside, while others can have entrances and doors from the outside.
  • Hire professionals to do the walls, electricity, ventilation, and everything else you want to add.
  • After you’re done with everything, make sure to place your mobile home on it.

Advantages of Having A Basement In A Mobile Home

Advantages of Basement In A Mobile Home

Mobile homes with a basement have many more advantages than you might imagine. Although some of you will think that it takes a lot of effort to build it, believe me, you will think twice when you read all the benefits they can give. So let’s get started:

  • Additional room. The basement can be renovated and arranged as an additional room where you will have peace and quiet. Also, they can be used as guest rooms.
  • Storage space. Today things are easily piled up, and there is very little space, and storage space is what every household needs. Therefore, a basement can be a good solution for such things.
  • Storm shelter. In areas where tornadoes and strong winds are present, it is good to have a place to take shelter. The best way is as you guessed the basement.
  • Home theater. Of course, you can also use the basement as a home theater, where you can watch movies in peace. In addition, basements are excellent because they have strong sound insulation, so you won’t disturb other household members.

Keep These Things In Mind Before Adding A Basement

The advantages we listed above are definitely what will attract your attention, but you should also look at the other side. Things that you will need to consider before building a basement in your mobile home are the following:

  • Location of Your Mobile Home. This is a very important question to consider before building a basement. If you live in an area that has very wet land, and the rains are quite frequent, you will have problems with moisture. You should also check whether it is allowed to have a basement in your place by checking the building codes.
  • Project Cost. As you might have guessed, building a basement is not a cheap undertaking, and it is necessary to invest a lot of money in order to make the basement high-quality and safe. The average cost of building a basement depends on where you live, but typically ranges between $50 and $110 per sqft.
  • Time. This process usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks to finish. Although this is not a lot of time for some, it can be a lot for others. It is up to you to assess whether this is the time you can afford.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Can a mobile home get a home equity loan?

It’s not possible to get a mobile home equity loan. However, in some countries, you can get an equity loan if your mobile home is placed on the property where your home is located. Therefore, be sure to check with your local authorities about this.

What is underneath a mobile home?

Usually, under each mobile home, you’ll find a bottom board. Its purpose is to protect your mobile home from moisture. They are made of fiberglass, heavy tar paper, or woven polyethylene. In addition, they will extend the lifespan of a mobile home and provide better living conditions.

Final Thoughts

Having a mobile home is a great thing, especially if you also decide to add a basement. In this article, we described that there are two ways a mobile home can add a basement to its foundation. Both ways are acceptable. But keep in mind that this also depends on the building regulation, which you must see first. I hope that this article has helped you, and if you have any additional questions about this topic, feel free to contact us.

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